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The most intuitive

Search What, Not Where

The most intuitive Document Management System

The most intuitive Document Management System

A powerful, secure, and easy to use web-based document collaboration solution

Start your journey towards operational efficiency

    What is 6 + 6 ?


    is a powerful, secure, and easy to use web-based document collaboration solution that converts your organization into a green & paperless workplace

    It helps to StoreTrackShare, and Manage the documents.

    Secure your Information

    80% of the information exists in paper or electronic documents isolated across different departments. Drop everything here and get anything on time

    Organize Content

    Store, Share, Modify, and Streamline your content

    Paperless office

    Go Paperless, Go Green. Get greenbox


    Never lose any document. Get a secured cloud location that serves as the central repository where you can put all your documents and files.

    System and Admin Authority

    Get notified when document is modified or shared. Set reminders on documents that require attention later.


    Add custom metadata to organize and search your documents.


    Track document version history and restore any previous version.With audit trail, keep a track of actions performed on the documents.

    Share and Collaborate

    Share entire documents or sub-sections with individuals or groups, at the same time maintaining granular control over the actions on the shared document. Define the expiry of your shared file link to keep it more secure.

    Powerful Search

    Search through Open text, OCR and metadata to find documents instantly.


    No tampering, damaging or misplacing of documents with highly secure and encrypted capabilities keeping away threats like ransomware. Ability for system admin and users to control the file sharing through roles and permissions well-defined for safe and secure sharing of files.

    Expiry and notifications

    Define the document expiry and get notifications and reminders.


    The documents are 256-bit AES encrypted in the cloud and stored safely and sent via secure SSL connection.

    User Manual


    Higher productivity
    Higher operation scalability
    Low cost of resource acquisition


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