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An e- solution to simplify your sourcing process

An e- solution to simplify your sourcing process


Bring structure and transparency to the sourcing process

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    About Procure 2 Pay

    procure 2 pay is an e- solution that efficiently manages your complete procurement cycle from purchase requisition creation to the final payment, and brings structure and transparency to the sourcing process.

    Buyers and vendors have their own portal dashboard where they manage RFQs and quotation submissions using their individual logins.

    Fully configurable templates make it easy for suppliers to participate in bidding process for various product types and specifications and send quotations online.

    Why Procure 2 Pay

    Automated and auditable process

    Configurable, multi-level approval process for different product groups

    Seamless integration with your ERP

    Easy to use vendor portal

    Transparent negotiations & purchase

    Web and mobile based apps

    Insights and analytics

    From purchase requisition to payment release and everything in between.


    Purchase on the go

    Keep your teams going even when working from outside the office

    Streamline purchase management

    Streamline your purchase process with digital PRs and RFQs. This will remove the need for any paper and increases overall efficiency.

    Buyer groups integration

    Create separate buyer groups for separate products. Hence you will be able to split access and responsibilities.

    Vendor portal

    A separate but integrated portal for vendors to communicate with clients, submit and revise quotation, track the status of their bids.


    Analyze the data, drive insights from the real-time data and take better/informed decisions

    Configurable templates

    Upload spreadsheets with calculations to prepare templates for RFQ bids per product type

    Quotation comparison and negotiation

    Integrate with ERP systems - SAP or other legacy systems

    Accelerate custom workflows

    Create custom multi-staged workflows that allow the users to provide approvals anywhere & anytime. Also, everyone in the approval chain can check the status of the approval.



    Streamlined process
    Auditable system
    Transparent negotiations & purchase
    Reduced cycle time
    Centralized onto a single system
    Web and mobile based apps

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