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Take control of your spreadsheets

A complete solution to secure, control and manage validated spreadsheets

Best way to manage & validate your spreadsheets

Take control of your spreadsheets

A complete solution to secure, control and manage validated spreadsheets

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    Why Spreadsheets?

    spreadsheets is a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, GAMP category 4 software that brings order to and organizes all your spreadsheets. spreadsheets creates a fully functional Web form for each Excel file, to be consumed in an access controlled & regulated environment with fine-grained, cell-level permission-based access. All access, modification to & versioning of workbook data, including calculations, is tracked using an extensive audit trail, making the solution optimal for regulated environments.

    spreadsheets removes the need to use desktop programs such as Excel, LibreOffice, etc to record Pharmaceutical data. It also removes the need to create & maintain shared directory structures. Protect and secure your spreadsheets in GMP, GCP, GLP environments.

    spreadsheets dramatically reduces validation cost and ensures all access to & use of your workbooks is fully compliant with GAMP 5 compliance regulations.


    Controlled centralized repository for all spreadsheets
    Complete traceability usage, review, and approval of spreadsheets
    All of your spreadsheets are protected, and the data is secure.
    Creation of dashboards, reports, and charts with point and click
    Preserved spreadsheet validation
    Auto-versioning and Deactivation of obsolete or superseded spreadsheets
    Protect your data with SSL, passwords, and record-level security
    Track changes to spreadsheets at version level



    Create simple and efficient workflows for review and approvals.


    Audit trail

    Any change to the spreadsheet is recorded; track each and every action of the user; audit trails are automatic, certain, and, unalterable

    Electronic signatures

    Changes to validated excel or excel data is authenticated by the electronic signature


    login based access ensure there is no unauthorized use of spreadsheets

    Access rights

    Customize user rights and ensure relevant team members are accessing the spreadsheets.

    Reports and Analytics

    Standard reports to get data specific to the user, spreadsheet and other parameters.


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