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Training compliance made easy

A CFR 21 part 11 compliant solution that fully automates your training process

Guaranteed Training Compliance

Training compliance made easy

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    Why Training?

    Training manager, built on CFR 21 Part 11 compliant architecture, offers an off-the-shelf, GAMP Category 4 solution for effectively managing your trainings.

    Training Manager is specifically designed for the pharmaceutical industry to reduce human intervention by automating training assignment, reminders, follow ups and escalations.

    It is a powerful automated escalation system ensures timely completion of read-only or test-driven documents and updation of training data on a real time basis. Clients use training manager to automate follow-up of training tasks and also grading of online exams.


    Central Repository

    Provides a secure central repository to store training documents and training data for entire organizations. This makes it easy to retrieve training information during regulatory and customer audits.

    Reduces Administrative workload

    Automates the entire training process so training coordinators can focus on making training more effective.

    Analytics and Reporting

    Systems provide standard and customized reports with details outlining the progress of the trainees and documents. Customized reports can be generated using variable parameters.

    Increases Efficiency for Sustained Compliance

    Automates assignment, monitoring, and verification of training tasks. Users are automatically notified when they have new training tasks. This ensures trainings are completed on time.


    Multiple Training Mode

    Provide multiple modes for training like instructor-led training, computer-based training as well as on-the-job training.

    Training linked to Document revision

    Training is automatically assigned to all mapped trainees when a sop/document is changed or revised.

    Effectivity Control of Documents

    Effectivity of the document can be controlled by linking it to training completion of the document before which it can be made effective, hence driving on time training completion.

    Online Exams

    User's have the option to give online tests and the grading is done automatically. This makes trainee accountable for their own training and helps remove training dependency.

    SOP Reading time

    Allows to set minimum time that a user has to spend in reading an sop/document before they can start online test. This ensures trainees go through the crouse material before attempting test.

    Automated Training Control and Management

    Automate all administrative activities, from training assignment, follow-up, reminders, escalation, and verification of exams.

    Document Revision Control

    It provides revision control to ensure that only current training courses are available and there are no multiple versions of a course active in the system.

    Individual Training Log

    Training log of the employees are available at click of a button, a training is categorized either as 'pending' or 'completed'. All details related to date, pass % and mode of training are available in the training log.

    For basic courses that don't require exams, training's can be completed by acknowledging the document, greatly reducing the burden on supervisors, who typically act as verifiers.


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