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Now, perfection is easy to achieve with our foolproof

Take control of your artworks

End to end with automated proofreading

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    Now, perfection is easy to achieve with our foolproof management system

    Take control of your artworks

    End to end Artwork management with automated proofreading

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      artwork is a simplified collaboration platform for managing artworks in the most effective manner, reducing turnaround time and minimizing the possibility of mistakes.

      artwork detects minute differences that human eyes can surpass resulting in error-free proofreading.

      Clients use artwork to bring order to the chaos of preparing new artworks & modifying existing artworks across stakeholders group and also involving vendors & printers onto a central communication platform.

      KLD preparation to print proofing
      Artwork image comparison & on-screen commenting
      Approval management
      Version management


      Configurable workflow
      Reminders & escalations
      Auto-detection of differences
      On-screen proofreader comment tracking
      Vendor & printer portal
      Central artwork repository with version management
      Reports & analysis
      Audit trail of all activities
      Approval workflows

      Customized workflows and approval matrices for all artworks to gain instant visibility of all user tasks, keeping them on track.

      Collaboration & Proofing tools

      Compare the digital versions of artwork and eliminate errors in printed packaging and product recalls.


      Integrate it with legacy systems without any hassle.


      The central repository for all the artworks including past versions. Search for anything instantly.

      Reports and Analytics

      Get visibility across the platform with progress reports and get the artwork created in lesser time.


      Mobile & web-based approval & process information

      Collaboration of all stakeholders on a single platform

      Live tracking of all artwork processes

      Elimination of human errors

      Access to the latest, approved artworks

      Automated reminders & escalations


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