An organization consists of countless processes and tasks. And in this tech-savvy world, managing everything manually is challenging, to say the least. Yes, of course, the manual workforce is necessary, but organizations can automate a few processes for everybody's betterment. One such approach to automate a manual task is to use .

With so many impeccable features, spreadsheet software is a must for every organization. Here's an article on why you should use .

Information Modelling

It doesn't matter whatever business you are in; inevitably, you will have heaps of information and data of great value to your organization. Storing them securely in an arranged manner is an absolute necessity. But manual storage is quite a hefty process since it would require hours to find those data and information. Thus, incorporating spreadsheet software would do the job! A good quality spreadsheet software can store all the financial, statistical, and numerical data possible in specific rows and columns for your convenience.

Each cell contains the required data just within these rows and columns. You can easily change the content inside the cells as per your requirements and make the appropriate changes accordingly. This way, there is a proper centralized storage of all the data and information you can access most conveniently.

Data Manipulation

Sorting data manually is yet another tedious process. With spreadsheet software, you can completely relax since sorting of data will just take seconds! There are numerous preset functions that you can use to sort the specific data sets. You can sort the data in an ascending or descending order and create your customs according to your requirements.


Predictions based on statistics are one of the building blocks of the future decisions of an organization. If you don't have proper statistics or a concise data set, high chances that you might not be able to make a profitable decision for the organization. Inserting the updated values every time the graph goes to an uphill trajectory or downhill will help decide the next move. Furthermore, whenever you add new values or data to these spreadsheets, the calculations and the results will update automatically. This will show the changes in the estimates and results almost instantly. You can also set your goals and future resolutions as per these graphs and charts, which will immensely help the entire organization.


Visualization is the best way of analyzing the data. You basically get to know every comparison within your organization's various processes or the competitor's organization by visualization. When you have multiple data and analytics stored in the spreadsheet, you have the feasibility of creating charts, graphs, pie charts, and many more. You can easily customize the options as per your needs.

Choosing the best one from the spreadsheet software list and creating suitable charts with the required data will be very advantageous. Circulating these charts and graphs within the employees will help in better management. It will also provide a better insight into all the processes and activities' trends and result in better analysis.


Since we are mostly dealing with digits and numerical data, calculations are an inevitable part. With the manual data entry, making a simple addition of the entire data set will take a tremendous amount of time. The spreadsheets can do them instantly! You can use numerous formulas and functions to simplify the calculations of the required data. Here, B9*2 could be a fundamental example where the cell will multiply the value of the B9 by two and display the results accordingly. This is just a simple example. You can also carry out complex arithmetic operations calculations with spreadsheet software.


Presentation in a meeting is quite crucial. And thus, having the data and information stored sequentially with the right calculations can better present the entire document. Graphical representation plays a significant role here. You can also add colors and labelings to the rows or columns, which provide a distinct view of the matter and have a prepossessing effect on the eyes!


In an organization, tracking the trends and profits is another vital necessity. How well the employees are doing or a profit hike in a specific month will help examine in a better manner and make the necessary changes. Tracking the data with this spreadsheet software is very easy. With such a systematic arrangement and setup, you can easily track all the organization's growth and losses or changes from the fundamentals to the complex ones within minutes! You can also keep proper track of the inventory. You can access every pending or dispatched set of products just with this single sheet. You can also note the deadlines, and this will help in overall better productivity.

Final Thoughts

The list of benefits and usabilities of this spreadsheet software free is limitless. With countless features, spreadsheet software can add value to an organization's business processes. It can make all the processes much more convenient and simple. This will also result in better efficiency within the employees and aid in a seamless workflow. If you still haven't tried out these spreadsheet software for your business, then what's stopping you? Make a suitable choice and automate all the data for the organization's future profit.