Every business is looking for a way to improve, achieve efficiency, and excel at customer retention. This can be achieved by monitoring current business operations and identifying places for improvement.

Video surveillance can be the electronic eyes of a business operation. In the past, physical human supervision was needed to make sense & assess whether certain events posed a risk or not. With some organizations having hundreds or even thousands of employees, review of events is simply impossible – potentially leaving the business vulnerable to breaches in their System Of Process.

For organizations to overcome this challenge, and to optimize the process, an operational video surveillance audit can be used. This means that with your current cameras, control-room equipment, and back-end infrastructure you can now ‘learn’ about intentional thefts, violation in SOP by recognizing the people and the behavior causing it.

A Surveillance Audit can enable you to:

1. Improve operational aspects with active detection

It is very essential for any business especially the ones dealing in customer service to prevent operational flaws. Monitoring the front desk and service areas of your QSR store or hotel can ensure many operations standard like it can further improve employee productivity as they are always aware that someone is watching, reduce cross-contamination by reviewing quality control and day-to-day operations.

2. Spot vulnerabilities in your workflow

Things, like monitoring the customer flow or managing checkout time by knowing when lines are long or tracking inactive patterns to adjust staff accordingly can ease pick out gaps and bind them to make sure that they are not exploited by a threat which can eventually create an impact on the bottom line.

3. Identify safety problems before a possible accident occurs

By using a video management software your system can analyze data and ensure important safety ordinances are followed. In addition, it can also highlight dangerous behavior or activities, reduce waste and store evidentiary video for compensation claims.

4. Increase employee productivity

A workplace designed for optimal productivity can result in improved profits and better employee experiences. The means to achieve include 1) Identify methods that are working well and strengthen them 2) Identify methods that aren’t operating well and change them 3) Spot potential accidents or safety violations 4) Encourage safety regulation compliance.

5. Improve customer service

Easy shopping, better layouts, and improved customer service are the goal of a business unit as they increase profits and drive repeat business. A surveillance audit helps you achieve that through monitoring customer traffic flow for better store designs, alerts for long lines & large numbers of people in the store, so you can plan more staff to that floor.

6. Improve Quality Control

Remotely monitoring a production process can help reduce the waste of products and costly rework, other benefits include observing food processing for cross-contamination or risky area for contamination for operators/environment/place, diagnosing weaknesses in the production line and identifying defective parts and last manufacturing mistakes before final quality control.

7. Reducing Risks & Liability

Last but not the least a surveillance audit also benefits to decrease insurance costs, ensure compliance with industry regulations and prevents workplace accidents by promoting safe and best practices. It also collects evidentiary video for accidents & customer disputes.

Traditionally, monitoring was used to capture video proof, but modern systems with advanced features and video management software can be used for more.

The process of monitoring your business and improving your operations based on the data you find, whether that’s through increased employee productivity, better quality control, or enhancing the customer experience, is essential to helping your business grow.

The newest in video surveillance technology can benefit you get data on how your store runs, how your employees work, and how your customers interact with your company.

Whether you want to improve customer service, an operational surveillance audit gives you previously untapped views into how your business runs

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