There are numerous struggles that a company faces starting from the manufacturing to the dispatch process. The complexity is one of the significant struggles of a company. Thus, automating the processes will offer a better advantage here. According to a survey of BCG, almost 80% of businesses are planning to accelerate digital advancements to cope up with the 2020 recession. Thus, one of the most collaborative and cost-effective solutions is incorporating process and streamline the process. Therefore, we have listed a few ways to eliminate process packaging and promote packaging efficiency.


With so many departments working in the process packaging, confusion because of lack of communication is inevitable. In case any employee adds a requirement or makes any changes, others might skip as well. And the onset delay is quite common. Thus, simultaneous collaboration is key here. With this software, collaboration is quick, easy, and remote. You can get access to every minor issue that your employees might face. Furthermore, this is great to keep the progress in check as well. This is because employee progress plays a critical role in the overall efficiency in packaging as well.

Structured Approval Process

Approval processes are quite a time taking process if there is no proper structure. Using manual emails for every comment and approval is tedious. The next follow-ups are an extra addition too! Furthermore, keeping proper track of the deadlines is equally important.

Crafting the entire brief or the overview of the process of packaging art can do the trick here. This way, you can complete all the redundant and tedious processes in a much simplified and organized manner. Thus, a better structural approval process that is automated will reduce the time and efforts to a significant amount.

Project Status Tracking

With so many ongoing processes, how would you know if the packaging is stuck at some checkpoint? High chances are you might miss them if you chose manual alerts. You do not need to rush every time to check if all the processes are being carried out in the designated manner, which is another major hassle. With good packaging management software, project status tracking is an extremely convenient process. The software will alert about issues, resulting in quick resolutions followed by a speedy approval process.

Version Control

Numerous changes are done during the review or the production process. The employees might skip or get confused with the edits unintentionally, which can result in errors again. Thus, having a good version control will help maintain adequate control over all the updates and changes. Furthermore, even after the changes are made, which part was approved or disapproved is another vital aspect of the entire process packaging. This will keep all the employees on the same page since all the files' versions will be readily available in a single place, which will promote convenience during packaging art.

Digital Asset Library

Finding that specific file or document of the client information or the 's details during those rush hours is indeed frustrating. Within a company, there are countless artwork files. Thus, keeping track of each one of them is undoubtedly a hassle. Apart from that, manual document storage does not have remote access, and therefore, one cannot access the documents easily. This is one of the significant process packaging struggles. The digital asset library of the packaging management software can be helpful here. With a digital asset library, you can have all the contents and files in a single space. You can readily access them even remotely whenever required. You can search for that specific file within seconds, which will again promote efficiency in packaging.

Digital Proofreading

How many times did your company struggle with sudden packaging errors, which delayed the product launch? From the creative work's specific concept to the delivery, there are multiple reviews or checkpoints that artwork goes through. Thus, manual proofing is highly imperfect and can result in human errors, which are much more time-consuming because of product recalls. Sometimes the information could be vague, incorrect, or in inappropriate fonts, which can sabotage the company's impression. Thus, incorporating automatic proofreading by this packaging management software can help significantly here. The proofreading via such software is much more scalable and consistent compared to manual proofreading. This software will help detect the errors within minutes, which will be highly beneficial to rectify before the last final review process.


With all the logos, images, and other such aspects stored in the system, which are of great importance to the company, safety could be at risk. For most of the packaging management software of artworks, document security is a top priority. There would be limited access, which can be customized as per the requirements. This will help in controlling who will have access to what files in the system. This will also prevent data leaks if any.

Wrapping Up

Complexities and issues are inevitable. But correctly handling them is the real deal. Packaging art takes a lot of time and patience, which can be reduced significantly with packaging management software. This amount of time and effort can then be invested in the core business processes, which will also aid in better profits. With companies struggling to eliminate the risks, choosing automation can help you take the lead in this competitive environment. By now, we have listed quite many ways to eliminate all the complexities and aid in a streamlined process of all the artwork packaging. This packaging management software benefits are countless and, thus, a must addition to every company out there.