packaging management software

Countless processes are involved in the artwork, including the initial manufacturing, regulatory compliance reviews, and so much more. The demand for artworks and packaging companies are growing worldwide. According to statista, the global art market value was recorded at approximately 64.12 billion U.S dollars, which is tremendous!

But with so many things on the plate, it becomes quite a tedious task to manage everything manually.

Numerous management failures occur each day in companies and brands, leading to a significant loss. To combat such apprehensive situations, packaging management software is highly beneficial.

These advancements in technologies make our lives much simpler. Therefore, automating processes like packaging and labeling, and so on, is a boon for the companies. This software can amplify the entire product development process and the supply chains in general as well. Suppose you have not implemented good management software in your company yet. In that case, you will indeed reconsider it after reading this post further and learning some fantastic benefits of such software. Let us check them out.

What Are Some Common Problems With Packaging Artwork?

Even though the hurdles and limitations of manual packaging are limitless, yet the most common packaging art issues are as follows:

Document Management

With so many processes involved, numerous documents with various important data like product specifications, requirements, and many more are created, stored, and shared among the people involved. Easy accessibility is a significant issue along with security reasons. With the manual packaging processes, anybody can easily mishandle the documents. Furthermore, having heaps of papers and files lying in the storeroom, finding that one particular file is exceptionally time-consuming.

Collaboration Failures

There are numerous stakeholders, agencies, suppliers, and so much more involved in a single artwork. Sending all the documents manually across the various departments is not the most productive way of conveying precise information. Collaboration is a complicated task here since there is no systematic way of transferring and maintaining communication across multiple departments manually.

Delayed review

During the packaging and labeling of the artwork, various specifications like material, dimensions, descriptions, etc., are involved. There could be numerous review processes, and thus the document might consist of many data from various sources and formats. Tracking the who, when, and where of every change in the packaging manually is certainly not a child’s play! The team responsible for handling the checks need to have complete access to the latest up-to-date data. Keeping track of all the emails, versions, changes, etc., can be overwhelming, leading to many undiagnosed or unnoticed mistakes and huge losses!

How to Have Better Packaging Management?

Since we are already clear with the hurdles, let’s jump on to a few ways on how you can efficiently manage packaging for your brand.

Centralized information

With good packaging management software, you can collect and store every bit of information related to the and packaging and labeling, such as the compositions, dimensions, printing data, and so on, in a unique repository. This repository is usually cloud-based. Thus, you can add in the required data anytime from any possible geographic location at your convenience. All the data and information are evenly structured and arranged in various preset templates and filters, centralised and readily available for all the authorized users and members.

Better Collaboration

Simplified portals or sections in this packaging management software with each department can be a tremendous advantage for so many processes. This will help seamless sharing of all the documents and data for a continuous workflow process. This also eliminates the risk of any misunderstanding or miscommunication amongst the members. You get to send, receive and store every file under one system within seconds!

Version control

Since many edits and changes occur in each step of the packaging art process, all the versions will be readily available in that single software itself, which is super convenient. You can instantly get push notifications to your registered device about the change, which will also help in proper awareness about the process. This will ensure that all of the employees and other departments are on the same page. You can easily refer back to the changes every time and make the necessary changes in the future products, which will again aid in the shortened approval process followed by the quick final dispatch.

Convenient tracking

With this integrated packaging management software, you can easily track every step of the complete chain process. Suppose there is a packaging that did not turn out to be according to the regulatory rules; the issue will show in the system. You can take a quick decision to fix it and proceed to the next level. This swift decision-making advantage with this software can save up a lot of time and effort in general.

Data analysis

Analyzing all the data and the processes is hugely underrated and ignored. But the importance of having that final check and revisiting all the strategies that took place is crucial. Suppose you dispatch a packaged without the last checks and somehow miss some essential detailing in the labeling. In that case, you are bound to incur losses again! We understand it is indeed not possible to look back at everything manually. An automated system will help in portraying all the real-time analytics and records. This will help in accessing the performance sheets of every member accordingly. You can quickly analyze which change will offer you a better solution or profit in the overall process.

Final Thoughts

Be it artwork or any other industry. Automation is the present and the future of the world. It can transform the world into a better place by replacing all the manual processes for good. Packaging artwork and other processes is already a very time taking process. Avoiding these basic mistakes and errors by incorporating this software can be the real game-changer for its overall productivity.