Saas companies have proven to add value to their customers for many years. But the market is pretty overcrowded now. According to Statista, the SaaS market in the U.S is expected to increase from 92 billion euros to 191 billion euros in 2025. Thus, you already know how tough it is to stay in the competition and stand out from the rest. 

There are countless marketing strategies that SaaS companies use regularly lie marketing, outbound marketing, and whatnot. However, has proven to offer better results to SaaS companies in the long run. The basic definition of marketing is attracting customers by producing valuable and personalized content and experiences using several different digital media platforms. The commonly used platforms mainly used in inbound marketing are blogs, emails, social media, etc. Thus, inbound marketing is a potential marketing strategy that can help boost your business to the next level. If you have a SaaS company and are struggling to get more reach and sales, here is a comprehensive guide on how you can use inbound marketing to your advantage and stand out in this crowded market! Let’s get started.

Niche based content creation

Content is the key in any business. The SaaS field is humongous. We all know SEO is imperative amongst all the strategies, but we need to change things a bit. There are different products for different needs. Therefore, you need to narrow down your niche and filter out your targeted customers based on the detailed profile or personal interests, geographic location, age groups, etc. This will help build better insight regarding your potential customers’ likes and dislikes, and you can create your content strategy based on that.

Coming to the content strategy, customers do not really like being told what to do and what not to do. Hence, you can’t just go around claiming that your products are the best. That is one of the most overrated and outdated techniques of all time. To break the saturation, take a better approach, such as educating your customer about how your product can solve their problems and other aspects. 

You can create content based on such insights such as:

  • Blogs

According to the Moz survey, most users instinctively click on the first result in the Search engine result pages. Hence, a higher ranking is an absolute necessity for you if you want to succeed. Creating and publishing blogs regularly is one of the proven strategies of that offers fruitful results. According to the recent statistics by Hubspot, 60% of marketers claim that blog creation is one of their top priorities. Hence, you already know the buzz.

  • Emails

Emails are one of the most common modes of communication currently. It is another very practical way of spreading information or solutions to the problems of your customers. According to the reports of 2019, approximately 3.9 billion email accounts were present around the world, with a hike of 100 million from 2018. Thus, leveraging the power of email marketing is another excellent that will help you generate more engagement for your company. You can also use several email marketing tools such as Hubspot, Mailchimp, etc that will help in automating the entire process and schedule your emails beforehand. 

And so much more…

The list is endless.

But the main goal here is to create niche-specific targeted content for maximum visibility and awareness among your customers.

Supplement with paid ads

If you have a new company and are not getting much traffic, then a perfect way to kickstart your marketing efforts is to use paid ads. The paid aids are again very niche specified and target the specific buyer personas. This is excellent for getting more B2B leads too.

Share your content on social media and other platforms and sponsoring it simultaneously is another very effective and common strategy. It can actively help you gain a few additional followers and grow the engagement over time.

Sales funnel customization

Customizing your sales funnel is another very active strategy for SaaS owners. Focus on capturing the best practices like adding in-depth knowledge regarding your products services via FAQs, articles, case studies, ebooks, etc. Point out specifics that your potential customers might have in terms of your performance and other aspects. 

Add enough testimonials to support your claims since reviews and testimonials are the main game changers in grasping more attention of the customers. Add profit statistics, metrics, etc., which prove your efficiency above the other SaaS companies present in the market. This way, you can effectively grasp more attention from your potential customers and thereby convert them into final orders!

Offer a free trial/demo

Once you get a confirmed lead, it is time for you to offer them as much information as possible. This will give them confidence regarding your services and products. You can choose to offer a free trial/demo of your service for a stipulated time period. This will help them gain more information regarding the benefits of choosing your company over other SaaS companies. Hence, it is a great chance of closing the final deal with your customers!

Apart from that, try giving maximum assistance to your customers while they are trying out your software. This will also give you a better insight into the performance of your software with your targeted customers. This will also help gain the trust factor of your customers since they know that your company will be reliable and readily available in any unprecedented situations. 

Wrap Up

It is very tough to get good exposure in such a crowded market. These few strategies will incredibly help you to gain a better reach and edge over your competitors’ SaaS companies. These inbound marketing strategies are much easier to carry out and have a high ROI.  Hence, get your inbound marketing strategy laid out today and rule the SaaS industry!