Email Archiving

What is email archiving?

Email archiving is a process that stores all the old emails or emails of ex-employee so that they can be accessed when needed. This process plays a critical role in business organizations where information continuity is a matter of great importance. 

Why is email archiving important?

Compliance with regulations: All businesses have to comply with state and federal rules concerning email storage and management. All the email archiving solutions are streamlined to meet the regulatory mandates. 

Business Continuity: Emails are a source of information and indispensable resources of every organization. Email archiving stores and salvages emails such that you can access them in times of crisis and ensure your business operates smoothly as before.

eDiscovery: eDiscovery helps you find, gather, and produce ESI (electronically stored information) as a response to a request made for legislative purposes. With the help of email archiving solutions, you can tag and make comments on the necessary emails, allowing the legal practitioners to access them.

Email archiving proves beneficial to keep a tab on what was communicated and when. Or we can say that it helps you track who sent what.

Storage Management: To begin with, archiving emails helps you manage storage for inundating emails. It is quite challenging to have big repositories to fulfill the quickly-expanding storage needs. Archiving stores copies of all the emails in repositories, thereby improving the speed and performance of servers. 

Various cloud service providers offer different types of email archiving software. These software are highly priced depending on the features they offer. 

Some popular  email archiving solutions are: 

  • Gmail Backup Tool

  • MailBase 

  • N-able Mail Assure 

Even if the cost varies by a few dollars per user, when multiplied by the number of users, the price difference could be thousand dollars per year. To narrow down your search to an affordable email archiving solution, you need to choose one that suits your business size, usability, and budget. 

How does work to archive emails?

is one such powerful with inbuilt email archiving features that ensure operational efficiency. 

Let’s have a close look at how works to archive your emails: 

Step 1: Upload the PST file in the Greenbox.

Step 2: The solution will explode the PST file into folders (that have been created in the PST files). All the emails are available in those folders as EML files. An EML is an email message file extension that saves email data in the Internet Message Format protocol.

Email Search

Emails can be searched by using arguments such as From:, To:, Cc:, Bcc. All the emails text and attachments are also searchable using the text of the email or content of the attachment.

Most importantly, you can download an email and share it with the relevant people. Or you can share the email file in GreenBox. 

What are the benefits of having an email archiving solution in Greenbox?

  • Cost Saving: It eliminates the need to procure additional software to address the email archiving needs. Simply speaking, offers two solutions under one roof. 

  • Improves Efficiency: It rules out the need to upload the file into Outlook repeatedly and then search for the required email. This is a tedious task. 

  • Simplifies the Process; simplifies the email archiving process. Once the uploaded PST file is exploded into EML files, it stays there permanently. Also, you don’t need to download the EML file, you can share it with users in Greenbox directly. 

Other Important features of DMS

Investing in DMS enables business owners to manage documents and streamline workflows and leverage business processes. You can reap benefits out of the extensive features of DMS which are discussed below: 

Document Search: Searching and fetching documents manually consume time. This results in non-essential costs which obstruct the productivity and growth of an organization. 

A DMS like offers easy information retrieval, allowing the users to look for files by using words, phrases, tags, and meta data. It offers ubiquitous access to whatever information is needed. 

Better Collaboration: A DMS allows all the users to share and work on files concurrently. They can make comments and request responses from their peers. For example, The accounts department can pay the invoices and comment as “paid” to inform the other departments about the payment status. 

Business Process Management: makes the business processes transparent and helps business owners make quick decisions, thereby facilitating easy monitoring of the workflow. 

Strong security: Keeping documents secure is the foremost priority of every organization. A DMS offers enhanced security to keep sensitive data safe. The admins can control the access permissions granted to other employees at different levels. It is easy to find out who viewed or changed a file at a given time. 

Assigning role-based permissions works to limit the access to specific features of the DMS. Tracking managed documents is convenient, along with the tagging capability for automated alerts. 

Email archiving: Email archiving retains all the emails ensuring they are available when required. The email archiving solutions are equipped with comprehensive storage that classifies and fetches email information. For example, helps you archive emails and ensures all your business information stays in safe depositories that prevent unauthorized access and manipulation of data. 

Discus Business Solutions distinguishes itself from the rest with its intuitive DMS – Greenbox. It offers extensive features as a DMS along with an excellent email archiving facility.  It handles all email compliance needs and preserves your email archives.  All your email data is stored centrally and easily available when required. 

At Discus Business Solutions, we value our customers and strive to keep them happy with our superior email archiving solution. 

Ready to know how can help you fulfill your specific email archiving needs? Get in touch with our experts today.