Artwork management Software

In the pursuit of growth and improvement, companies are steadily embracing automation to become more influential. To begin with product design, manufacturing, packaging, and labeling, modern technology helps you improve the processes and obtain the results that you’re striving for.  

This article spells out how you can use management software to transform your company’s approach to packaging and labeling.

What is management software?

management software is a platform that lets you manage the artwork lifecycle of products. It ensures the products fulfill the regulatory compliance and hit the market quickly.

Why is it so essential?

How do you know the products that you use  by sight and recall them later?

Product’s label and packaging, right?

If all the products had monochrome labeling with basic information, the process would have been easier. But, would it help your sales?


Appropriate labeling and packaging enables you to attract your potential buyers and convince them to buy your products. There are two things you need to look after. 

One, you need to fabricate a good product in the package. Two, you need to do the on the outside with great precision. 

management software helps you take care of the second. 

Discus Manager

Manager is one such simplified artwork management platform that lets you modernize your approach to handle artworks. It helps you manage the process in the most efficient way with faster approval, better collaboration which results in error free artworks

It features an easy to use intuitive platform that customizes workflows and approval matrices for all processes. This keeps all the user tasks in the loop, allowing you to track anytime, anywhere. 

offers high precision by reducing the scope of errors. The auto-detection feature traces the minute differences and helps you proofread deeply. In turn, this lowers the turnaround time, streamlines communication and collaboration, and leverages operational efficiency. 

The centralized repository stores all the versions of artworks, thereby allowing you to search for the version that you require. 

How does Artwork management software impact the bottom line? 

Improves efficiency: Artwork management software automates all the processes to enhance the overall efficiency of the organization.


Managing artwork processes manually is tiresome. Plus it has tremendous scope of error. With automated artworks, you can make the required changes by searching and selecting relevant files with a click of a button.

All the chores are simplified into digital workflows which you can configure easily. Everyone associated with the products – vendors, suppliers, and stakeholders can view the status of the artwork project transparently. Also, it gives an insight into all distinct tasks that are running in the project.

Statistics reveal that artwork management software cut down the artwork approval times by 60%. It streamlines review and approval processes by reducing errors and risk of non-compliance. 

No product Recalls: If you miss a single element, it could result in quality imperfections and product recall in the worst case. Recalls cast an adverse impact on your company if you are equipped to deal with them. It tarnishes your brand image – perception and performance. 

Various factors such as regulatory guidelines, design, and commercial play a vital role to assure compliance and quality of the final product. 

Investing in Artwork management solutions reduces the risk of product recalls. Automation makes it easy to control artworks with accuracy in close synchronization with the regulatory mandates.

Technology looks after the discrepancies if any and helps business organizations to overcome them. This ensures you can achieve your production goals and launch your products in the market at a faster pace. 

Better Consistency & Decrease time to Market: Taking care of this critical element of your product lifecycle comes with various challenges that affect the time to market and eventually the bottom line of your company. 

Managing artwork manually is inefficient and brings a lot of inconsistency. You will never know what and how to track. Ultimately, you will be thrown into utter confusion.

Artwork management software has a centralized repository for all the content. This helps maintain consistency. You can easily incorporate the changes as per the regulatory and compliance parameters as they change.

Doing artwork rightly ramps up your brand recognition and builds a credible brand image, thereby increasing your ROI. 

Set, Analyze & Improve: As business holders, you need to define and measure the key performance indicators and always be prepared to incorporate changes for continuous improvement.

Putting business intelligence into effect in the Artwork management software allows you to monitor the KPIs, explore possibilities of improvement, overcome obstacles, and plan your moves accordingly.