When in a supply chain industry, there are numerous steps related to the packaging of artwork. The entire management process plays a significant role in the overall supply chain industry. Therefore, taking chances here and still relying on manual processes for such crucial processes is indeed a foolish thing to consider. Your processes would revolve around checking spreadsheets or excel to track progress, spend hours within the files for searching that one specific document, email every stakeholder individually for their approval or feedback, lose track of all the changes happening within the processes, and repeat the same mistakes over and over. The list is endless. You can typically consider these as a few disadvantages of using manual management processes. If you have agreed to all of these till now, it is quite inevitable that you need to change your strategies now.

Think digital! The world is switching to digital modes in every aspect, so why not you? According to the publication by BCG, about 80% of the different businesses are switching to digital means for their business recovery in 2020. These manual processes could be the sole reason your business or brand lags behind in this competitive market. Therefore, to effectively mitigate all of these challenges, you must invest in a global labelling management system. But just the thought is not enough. There is more to that. How you deploy your management system plays a significant role in overall efficiency. Let’s get into more details on how you can eliminate all the manual processes related to the packaging management system. Read thoroughly to know more about it.

Why should you deploy an management system for your manual processes?

management processes come with great complexities, and the limit just increases with a manual approach. Therefore, here are a few reasons why you should opt for an automated version for your management process.

  • Human errors

Error and mistakes are the first very basic step to huge losses within the organization. Suppose you have a packaging and labelling task, and somehow due to a manual workforce, the design of the font does not abide by the regulatory compliances. The packaging approval process is built to ensure that all regulatory compliance are met before the actual dispatch. This is when all of the processes will be at a halt, and the entire system will lag and delay in delivering the products effectively.

This will eventually harm your brand image and reputation. The sales will eventually drop down and so much more. This is when an automated management system comes into play. The automated artwork management process reduces the risk of errors and improves the consistency, compliance and security of the processes involved in artwork packaging.

  • Agility

Since you are a growing brand, new products might be rolling out each day, newer updates are incorporated in the existing ones, and so on. All of this mainly depends on customer needs and demands. There are a plethora of processes involved, and brands are continuously upgrading with respect to that. Thus, in such cases, how can you expect your manual workforce to effectively handle all of it? It is indeed a tiresome and challenging task. Thus, in such cases, an automated global labelling artwork management system is extremely beneficial. It will help improve the agility of the brands and increase the overall productivity of the brand to meet the customer demands accurately. This will enhance your brand reputation and will aid in better sales too.

  • Versioning

With so many processes comes a variety of feedbacks, and changes are made based on that. When you have so many changes and modifications under a single file, it is tough to find all of the edits within a single document if done manually. An artwork management system will help in easier access to all the required changes within a single place. Instant notifications or alerts are sent to each employee or member concerned with the particular team. This will aid in the immediate and quick response to all changes and a better insight into the customer’s needs and demands.

  • Document handling

With so many documents and files, it is tough to search for your required files whenever required. A lot of time and efforts are wasted every day on such useless tasks. This is where a central cloud repository is essential. With automation, you get access to a central repository that will consist of all the documents and files. You can find your preferred data within a few clicks from any possible geographic location. This saves a lot of time and effort in the overall artwork management process.

How to deploy the automated packaging artwork management system effectively?

Now when we have the basics covered and aware of all the benefits of an artwork management system, it is time to check out some tips and tricks on deploying the global labelling artwork management system properly to maximize the results. Let’s get started.

  • Present the ROI to the upper management

As mentioned above, the thought of automation itself is not enough to convince people to incorporate it. In case you are having a tough time convincing your superiors or your teammates about automation, then you need to show them how this technology will increase the value of the organization.

You need to portray the ROI statistics, which will prove your step to automation. This will ensure your superiors have taken the right step, and automation will transform the organization’s overall artwork management processes.

  • Talk about the benefits

Explain to them about the disadvantages and the time and efforts wasted on the manual processes, which will help them get a better insight into the technology. This will also enhance their adaptability to automation regarding artwork packaging. This will motivate them to work in a better manner with the automation and provide the best results in artwork packaging.

Final Thoughts

Change is essential in every aspect of life. And eliminating the manual processes and replacing them with automation is essential too. These are a few benefits and a few tips on effectively eliminating all the manual processes with a good artwork management system for maximum benefit. With an automated artwork management process, you can get significant benefits that will affect your brand growth in sales. It will also help in improving efficiency and streamline the workflow within the organization. Thus, don’t wait any further and incorporate the best global labelling artwork management system today to streamline all your artwork packaging processes!