When it comes to document management systems, there are many options available, making it difficult for business owners to choose one. After trying a few options available, we landed on Greenbox. To begin with, it is one of the incredibly unique systems that we have come across. These document management systems enable users to store, retrieve, track, and manage all required documents in one place and can have centralized access to them.

Irrespective of the users’ location, they can easily access it to collect the required information if they have access to the folder or the document. The system is designed to keep the confidentiality of data in mind and hence ensures complete safety. It also assisted in simplifying the complicated operations of our organization. also allows the users to access several features integrated into the system, including unlimited folders and subfolders.

Other notable features of this that makes it a must-try for business owners include smart metadata handling, approval of document workflow, attractive price bracket, etc.

What Made Us Choose Green Box over Other Document Management Systems?

When it comes to the advantages of using Greenbox, there are many. However, if we list down a few, one of the significant advantages is that the system supports every file type. Additionally, enables the users to selectively deny or allow access to the documents stored in the system.

With the green box, we could set multiple frequency-based reminders for ourselves and our entire team. The system also allows capturing, retrieving, and approving documents from any device. We were able to do it from your mobile phone on the go. It enables the storage of data in a private cloud, cloud, or even on-premise.

In short, if you are looking for a sound for your team, no other DMS is better than Greenbox. This excellent software has all the features that you would need for your team. Loaded with security features, the software can do its job perfectly well. Besides, it speeds up the operations of our team as well.

A myriad of features offered by this system provides next-level efficiency in operations for your team. 


●  Security and Compliance:

Considering that the documents of any organization may include critical information, it offers comprehensive features. It allowed me to set up a notification system to know when the documents are modified and shared. The system complies with the laid-out guidelines and is hence a highly preferred option. The documents stored in this system are all encrypted with 256-bit integration.  Plus, uses firewalling, routing, intrusion prevention, and behavior analytics capabilities to protect infrastructure and thwart attacks. Our Security team hammers our products day-in and day-out to detect and quickly respond to flaws

●  Seamless Integration:

Greenbox is a cloud-based solution developed using Java, and the architecture of this software is highly flexible to support customized integrations as required by the enterprise. Besides, like no other DMS, it simplified interactions between several business applications. In addition, enables the integration of other legacy systems and third-party systems through a rigorously tested API.

allows collaboration to a great extent with the help of seamless SAP integration and integration with similar other ERPs available in the market. In a nutshell, Greenbox allows easy integration with any software that can use restful API for integration. A few examples of the cloud ERPs with which Greenbox can be integrated include HRMS, SAP, Google, etc.

Technical and Functional Support

The software has excellent customer support, and you can choose to contact the customer care department via call or email. The system is also compatible with businesses of all sizes, such as small, medium, and large.

●  Sharing, Approvals, and Signatures:

The software allows organizations to share the entire folder, sub-folders, or documents with groups or individuals. Besides, at the same time, it enables organizations to maintain granular control over the actions of shared documents. It also allows users to define the expiry of the shared file so that it stays more secure. You can also share documents with external vendors, even if they are located in different geographical locations.

You can also set approval for limited documents or subfolders based on your needs. It also has a signature facility for the users to make the entire process of approving and sharing documents seamless within the organization.

●  Storage and Collaboration:

Robust storage of the system allows users to store files conveniently. Files are generally available in several different types, and the system supports every type. In addition, it has cloud storage so that you don’t ever lose any documents. With Greenbox, we got a secured cloud location that acts as a central repository where you can easily store all your documents and files.


If you are searching for a document management system, it is crucial to read the reviews. We are delighted with the product, and it has always performed beyond expectations. Every business is unique and has unique business-related demands. This software successfully stood the test of time and has catered to the different needs efficiently.

You can call this software a  one-size-fits-all software product. After exploring several other similar applications, we landed on this one and are glad that we did. is a go-to choice for a since it perfectly fits your unique business requirements.