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and Archival

Digitize your organization & remain compliant to regulatory records storage. Gain instant & fully searchable access to your secured documents.

Drawing Management and Approval

Collaborate & manage drawing files across the organization & with vendors. Ensure the correct versions are used from your repository, every time.

Procure 2 Pay

A complete eprocurement suite to make the to payment process seamless and transparent. Develop your vendor database & obtain valuable insights from your past transactions.

User Access Management

Allocate & track access for each employee for every IT system. Avoid security breaches & introduce efficiency.

Customer Complaint

Embed the complaint form on your website & efficiently track each complaint to resolution.

Change Control

Document changes & approvals on a central collaboration platform & enhance the change control procedure.

Import Documentation

Align your purchase process with vendors & streamline the documentation management process. Avoid delays in imports & deliveries.

Ticket Management

Create, assign & track tickets across the organization.

Talent Requisition

An intelligent solution that uses to filter the most eligible candidates for your requirements.


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