The world is changing rapidly. New technologies are invented every day to make every minute process simple and easy. One such great technology is the document management system. This technology has the capability to transform an organization to a significant extent. Numerous companies have already reaped the benefits of this technology, and the count is rising eventually. According to Statista, there is an expected hike in this system’s market value from 3.59 Billion U.S Dollars in 2017 to 6.78 Billion U.S dollars by the year 2023.

Law Firms work with documents all day and every day. Starting from letters, photos, briefs, contracts, emails, pleadings, and the list goes on. Everything revolves around documents eventually. Managing everything can sometimes become daunting and overwhelming. Thus, leveraging this powerful technology can be a boon for law firms. This is why every law firm must have an efficient and intuitive system.

So, if you have a law firm or working in one, you must read this article. It has all the reasons for a law firm to opt for software.

1.    Document Organization

Having a stockpile of documents can be a huge mess. Inevitably, law firms usually pile loads of documents regarding various important stuff. Now, an efficient document management system can help in a better arrangement of the documents. It can help you access the document anytime and anywhere access in an organized manner. A software stores your document on the cloud, enabling you to add, edit, and retrieve the information as and when you like.

2.    Searching Documents

Law Firms, as mentioned, work with documents majorly. Now losing a file can be quite easy. By losing, we mean somewhere stored in the database, of course, but not aware of the exact location. The worst-case scenario could be that you need that document urgently, and you don’t even find it in the pile of documents that are already loaded.

Thus, the helps with fast, simple, and powerful searching to find a document. The software also has specific search criteria to narrow down the result and filter irrelevant documents.

3.    Security

Security is of the utmost importance when such legal documents are considered. Not having a proper security system can lead to cybercrimes and data breaches. It can also devastate your life. With a system, you can control who can access, read, or edit the document. Having open access to such crucial legal documents is certainly not a wise decision. Therefore, the need of having a secured document management software is of prime importance.

You need to control who made changes to the document, when the changes made, and who did it. Your firm needs to take care that none of the employees are putting the firm’s intellectual property or circulating confidential information at risk. Having these basic security checks can positively impact your clients’ trust in any sensitive or confidential information.

4.    Document Collaboration

Working in a law firm, you might need to transfer documents to clients and colleagues. Nd, sending important files via email is the most convenient option. However, we have all struggled with sending the attached document to the wrong person unintentionally at least once in a lifetime. And once this happens, there is no going back. Thus, email is surely not the safest option for transferring documents.

A better alternative is a that can help with secure communication. You can share the document with the designated person. Along with that, you reserve the right to give them the kind of access — to view or suggest.

Therefore, instead of emailing documents back and forth, having such a system can significantly improve security.

5.    Offline Synchronization

Working with documents during traveling is a common thing. Having a stable network connection every time is not something we usually get. With such a poor connection, follows backlogs and piling of urgent tasks. Therefore, to combat such an issue, a can surely be the savior.

You will have the feasibility of editing the documents seamlessly without an internet connection. Then the data automatically gets uploaded the next time you come online. Offline file handling becomes quite a convenient task here.

6.    Great for non-technical people

You might feel that a is a complex software, and only tech-savvy people can handle it. Well, let me put an end to this notion. Such software is built to end the woes of the common people. The design and the working of the software is seamless and easy. You just need to have a basic understanding of how a software works and you’re good to go.

7.    Less paper

Paperless is the holy grail of the ongoing digital age. Even though law firms cannot totally shift to a truly paperless office, yet a can somewhat help attain that feat. With such a system, law firms can significantly reduce paper use by turning paper documents and physical media into electronic files.

Digitizing so many documents can surely be an overwhelming task, especially if the firm has been in the industry for quite a while. But with a document management system, it is a cakewalk as the software digitizes the paper document within no time.

8.    Improved Efficiency

With such a good collaboration and so many improved features, the time and efforts invested in the entire process reduce significantly. Employees of law firms who used to handle the time taking process can use the document management software and make the process easier. This gives quite a good boost to the workflow and improves efficiency.

Final Thoughts

A standardized software like this is certainly one of the most crucial technologies that a law firm can implement. It keeps the firm properly organized and provides a well-backed security system for sensitive and confidential data and information. It also makes the document retrieval time much quicker and therefore saves a lot of time and effort.

Investing in one of these is surely not expensive and overly complex. Embracing such technology can bring immediate benefits. Therefore, gear up and invest in a quality document management system as soon as possible to get the most out of it.

Having said that, we have an intuitive document management software, Greenbox, that has been garnering attention for the intuitiveness and security it offers. Right from digitizing paper documents to changing their formats and from updating the documents to sharing with your co-workers, it has all the features you can possibly think of. The best part? It comes in 5 Gb, 10 Gb, and 15Gb plan.