Talent Comprehensive feature list

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Time To Hire ReportYes
Time Per Stage ReportYes
Origin Of Application ReportYes
Job Status ReportYes
Applicant Status ReportYes
Export ReportsYes
Configurable workflowYes
Sequential WorkflowsYes
Parallel workflowYes
Email stepYes
Ability to attach form at stepYes
Allow process user to complete taskYes
Applicant filteringYes
Interviews & screeningYes
Vacancy publicationYes
Post vacancies to websiteYes
Candidates apply onlineYes
Bulk resume importYes
Custom form for pre-screeningYes
Staffing and multi site versionYes
Email customizationYes
Notifications and RemindersYes
Offer letter customizationYes
Analytics toolsYes
Central, searchable profile repositoryYes
Applicant Status updationYes
Screen past applicants from repositoryYes
Individual portal for Interviewer and IntervieweeYes
Online approval within department for new positionYes
Online approval for interviewerYes
Customized approval workflow for both new position within department and interviewerYes
Manage positions/VacanciesYes
Schedule meeting with interviewerYes
Questionnaire FormYes
Basic FormYes
Form VersionYes
Editing of forms in existing process possibleYes
Customize-able field validationsYes
Printing of formsYes
Communication Templates
Auto email at end of processYes
Auto email from movement to other stepsYes
Customize communication templates for eMailsYes
Customize communication templates for MessagesYes
Roles & Permission
Employee wise roles and permissionYes
Mobile AppYes
Manage UserYes
Create/Edit/Inactive UserYes
Audit TrailYes
Integration with Other SoftwareYes
Code-less integration with WebsiteYes
Applicants & applications
Separate applicant portalYes
Configurable application forms by PositionYes
Automatically rank applicants for suitabilityYes
Automatically score interview performanceYes
Bulk import of CVsYes
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