How to create an open position

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  1. Login to talent Application
  2. Click on ‘Talent’ option on the top of the webpage, in the hamburger button
  3. Click on “Positions” option in the left side menu
  4. Click on “Add Position”
  5. Enter Position name and select department and designation from drop-down
    1. Manpower requisition workflow will be triggered based on selection of department
  6. Fill in the required details as per position
  7. Select “Interview workflow” from the drop-down
  8. You can select any workflow as interview workflow
    1. The selected workflow will be followed for the interview process for this position
  9. Click on “Add Applicant form” to add applicant form
  10. Select the form that you would like the applicant to fill out when they apply for the position
    1. Questionnaire forms can be used here to filter the candidate based on predefined questions for the position
  11. Fill out the remaining form
    1. The remaining form will be the one that you had attached to the manpower requisition workflow that is mapped to department
  12. Click on “Submit” button to create/save the position that you have created
  13. Your created position will appear in the “Positions” menu page and the Status will be in “Under Approval”
  14. Now Click on the Position name that you have created
  15. Based on the workflow selected in the department the position will go for approval
    1. To approve a position click on the position name by hovering over the tile ‘Open Position’ and select the relevant position
    2. On the profile page of the position, click on the ‘green’ but to approve and move position forward or ‘red’ button to reject the position and send it back
  16. Once approve, the Position will be in “Active” status
  17. Once position is approve, you can now Publish the Position in the Talent Application
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