How to publish position

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  1. Login to talent Application 
  2. Click on Talent option on the top of the webpage, in the hamburger menu
  3. Click on “Publish Position” option in the left side menu
  4. You will see the Publish Position table
  5. Click on “Position Name” drop-down and select the position that you want to publish
    1. Only approved position will be visible in the drop-down
  6. Once You selected, it will display the details of the Position like Position name, vacancy, and fields to publish
    1. The form fields for which the ‘Publish’ checkbox has been selected will appear
  7. Click on the “Position Preview” button (Eye symbol) to preview the data
  8. You can make changes by clicking on the Edit icon
  9. Enter “Publish code” and then click “Submit” to publish the position
    1. Publish code should be unique for each position
    2. If the application is integrated with your website, then the position will be visible in the ‘Career/Jobs/Openings’ section depending on how the integration is done
    3. If it is not integrated with your website, you can click on  “Copy URL” button under the “Action” column. The copied url can then be posted anywhere you want to post the position
    4. By clicking three dots under Action column, you can share the position link on social medias and anywhere by clicking share button
  10. Position will be published successful
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