eProcurement Vendor Portal Overview

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Discus eProcurement solution is equipped with an extensive and easy-to-use Vendor Portal. Various parts of the portal are introduced below.

Navigation Menu

Shortcuts to various functionality of the vendor portal are available from the left panel.



  1. Open Requests: List of open RFQ’s for which the quotations needs to be filled will be displayed
  2. My Submissions: List of RFQ’s for which the quotations are already filled will be displayed
  3. Resubmission Request: List of RFQ’s for which you are requested to resubmit the quotations will be displayed in this tab.
  4. Registration form: When you sign up, in case the company requires you to fill any form, these forms will be displayed in this tab.
  5. My Draft: Any RFQ which you have filled the values and saved it without sending it will be displayed in this tab.
  6. Not interested RFQ’s: The RFQ’s for which you have not responses at all will be displayed in this tab
  7. Regretted RFQ: The RFQ’s which you have regretted by clicking on the Regret button will be displayed here.
  8. Search: You can search for any RFQ from here
  9. Help: Will walk you through the portal and provide assistance on how to use it.


The profile displays the details which you have entered while creating your profile.

  1. My Profile: Displays the details of the vendor which was filled while filling the vendor signup form.
  2. Documents: the documents which you have attached while filling the vendor registration form will be displayed here.Also you can add additional documents
  3. Notes: You can add any notes
  4. Buyer list: List of buyer companies with which your organisation is mapped will be displayed in this section.

Change Password and Change Email id

The user will be able to change his password or email id from these screens.


This is where you can manage Users for the vendor portal.

Vendors can add sub-vendors into their profile. Users can be given permission to bid on the Vendor’s behalf for any RFQ.

  • By clicking on “USER” in the left panel, the above screen will be displayed with a list of all sub-users.
  • A user can be added by clicking on “Add User”.
  • Existing user details can also be modified by clicking on the username of the user.

Adding a User

  • If the admin wished to give the user access to bid he will have to check “Can bid RFQ”. 
  • The admin can also activate or inactivate the sub-user by checking “Active” and “Inactive”.
  • After making any changes, the user must click on update to save the changes.

Audit Trail

Audit trail screen
  • Clicking on Audit trail allows you to view all the activities that were performed under this login.
  • We can filter the results based on the dates and the actions.
  • Select a date range and the action and action performed by (to filter the result) then click on search, the complete list of activities for that search criteria will be displayed.
  • Click on “Generate Report” to download the displayed Audit Trail as a PDF.

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