eProcurement Portal Basics: Vendors

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All vendors are listed on this screen. Vendor registrations can also be initiated from this screen.

Vendor screen

Vendor List

The list of vendors is displayed here. On clicking the Vendor id, Vendor Profile would open up in new tab.

Vendor Profile

1. Vendor Profile – Vendors basic details will be displayed here. User can edit only SAP code in Vendors profile. Also, the vendor can be inactivated from here

Vendor profile

2. Associated RFQ’s – All RFQs that this vendor has been involved in will be listed here.

Associated RFQs

3. Comment – Users can add a comment for communication with vendors, and vendors can reciprocate. Also, Users can attach document relevant to comment. 

Vendor comments

4. Documents and Notes – User can view documents uploaded by the vendor as well as add notes. Notes are for Internal use(Image-8.1.4.).

Documents and Notes

5. Map Group – User can map the vendor to multiple groups so that vendor’s name would appear while the user is creating RFQ(Image-8.1.5.).

Map Group

Other options

Search: User can search vendors on the basis of vendor id, vendor name, vendor SAP code, contact and email address.

Export: User can also export CSV of all the vendors by clicking on the Export CSV button.

Search and Export

Help: Step by step guide to options available on vendor screen.

Filter: User will get pre-defined filter options where the user can filter on the basis of Active, Inactive, Under the approval and Active + Under approval.

Show unmapped vendors: List of unmapped vendors will be displayed here. Users can search, view profile, map or discard vendor details.

Show unmapped vendors
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