eProcurement Portal Basics: Purchase Requisition (PRs)

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Purchase Requisition

Purchase Requisitions also called Indents or Purchase Requests, are the entry point to the process. A PR can contain any count & mix of Items that have been added to the system.

A PR can be generated by any user. Buyers will receive these PRs to begin the process of procurement.

Users will be able to see all PRs generated in the system from this screen. Users may also create PRs from this screen. Buyers can, in addition, also create RFQs from this screen.

Purchase Requisition screen

List of PRs

All PRs are listed here. PRs may be sorted, grouped & filtered from this screen according to a number of parameters, as shown below.

On clicking the PR id, PR Profile would open up in a new tab.


Clicking on the Action button displays the list of products mapped in the PR. This helps in quickly reviewing information for each PR from the listing screen.

Purchase Requisition Action


Launches a help UI walk-through that takes you step by step through each option on the PR screen.

Other options

Grouping & Sorting: There are 3 predefined options to group & sort list of PRs. These options are as below.

  • PR Wise – the PRs on the list get grouped & sorted based on PR ID.
  • Item Wise – the PRs on the list get grouped & sorted based on Item ID.
  • RFQ Wise – the PRs on the list get grouped & sorted based on RFQs.

Filter: On clicking show filter options, Users will get to filter PR on the basis of date range and the status of the PR.

Search and Export CSV

Search: Users can search through PR with PR id, PR No. and Header Note.

Export: User can also export CSV of all PRs by clicking on the export CSV button.

Create RFQ

Buyers can create RFQs from this screen. See here for more details: eProcurement Portal Basics: Request For Quotations (RFQs).

PR Profile

PR details

Basic Info: Users can see basic PR details here.

Short close: Also user can short close a PR after providing a reason(Image-6.1.1.).A PR which is short closed can be re-opened and it will be in the Open status.

Purchase Requisition Details

Item List

This section shows the list of items that are mapped to this PR. 

PR Item List

Associated RFQs

PR items and their quantities can be purchased in many RFQ processes. RFQs raised for items in this PR will be displayed here.

RFQs linked to the PR


Users can add notes to the PR to add any information that is not captured elsewhere.

PR Notes

Create PR

Users will be able to create PRs from this screen.

PR creation screen

1. PR Details – User can mention PR no. and Header Note here.

2. Items – User can choose items that have been added to the system from here.

3. PR Contract Form – User will be able to see a contract form, if added.

4. Help – Step by step guide to creating a PR.

5. Save/Cancel – User can choose to save the PR or cancel the task.

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