eProcurement Portal Basics: Products & Services

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The portal generalizes Products, Services & Materials using the term “Items”. Interchange Items with your specific use case.

User can find Items in this section. These products are mapped to respective material groups.

Products screen – listing

Item listing

Items are listed here in a tabular format. Actions that can be performed from this screen are listed below.

Clicking on ID link: The item’s profile page will open in a new tab.

Item Profile

The product profile shows all the information related to the Item.

Edit Item: User will be able to edit/inactive a product from this screen.

Product profile
RFQs associated with the Product

Associated RFQs: You can find the list of RFQs raised that includes this Item.

Comments: Users can add comments for internal communication Users can also attach documents to their comments.


Documents and Note: Users can upload documents & notes to Items. Notes are for internal use only. Specifications, observations & other helpful information can be added here.  

Documents & notes

Search and Export CSV

Users can search through products using a product code or product name within the Item Group that is selected in the filter. 

User can also export CSV of all the products within selected item groups by clicking on the Export CSV button.


A step by step UI walkthrough for this screen will begin.


Predefined filter options can be accessed by clicking on the Show Filter button. 

Products can be filtered on the basis of their Item Group, Status and Buyer.


User will be able to see basic product details. Also, the user will be redirected to the product profile page by clicking on View Profile.

Add Item 

New items can be added from here.

Add product

1. Product Code – Enter product code

2. Stock keeping unit – Unit in which the stock would be maintained.

3. Item category – Category of the item. Item Category can be added runtime also.

4. Currency – User can select a currency from drop-down based on the list of currencies created in the system.

5. Buyer – User will be able to select buyer from the drop-down.

6. Description – Description of the product needs to be added here.

7. Product Name – Enter the name of the product.

8. Item Group – User can select item group from drop-down based on the list of item groups created in the system.

9. Preferred Vendor – User can select a preferred vendor from the dropdown.

10. Unit of Measurement – User can select a unit of measurement which has been defined in the system.

11. Short Description – Short description of the product.

12. Save/Cancel – User can save the information, or cancel the task.

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