eProcurement Portal Basics: Buyer Dashboard

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The Dashboard is the first screen displayed when a Buyer logins. On the dashboard, you will be able to see the following.


  1. Site – User can select the Site they wish to work on.
  2. User Options – User can perform the options below.
    • logout
    • change password
    • select language
  3. Help options – A UI walkthrough of Dashboard
  4. Counters – Provides counts of PRs, RFQs and pending approvals for the user.
  5. PR/RFQ details – List of open PR/RFQ and draft RFQs.
  6. Approval details – RFQ’s in approval status
  7. The left pane menu – List of menu options of C3PO.


 Shows the Site that the user is logged into.

User Options

User can logout, change their password and select the display language.

Logout – User will be logged out.

Change Password – User will navigate to a screen where they may change their password.

Contact Us – User will be redirected to a page with contact details for support.

Help options

Step by step guide to options available on the dashboard.

Count header

Provides the count of PR, RFQ and pending approvals for the user.

  1. Open PR
  2. Received RFQ
  3. Draft RFQ
  4. RFQ Pending for Approval
  5. Pre Approval RFQ
  6. My Approval

PR/RFQ details

Provides the below details of PR and RFQ. This section displays 30 days data and you will also have an  option form which you can search for the required PR or RFQ.

  • Open PR: List of open PR’s
  • Active RFQ: List of active RFQ’s
  • Draft RFQ: List of RFQ’s in which details have been filled and saved as a draft
  • Pre-approval RFQ: The RFQ’s for which the pre-approval workflow has been triggered.
Draft RFQ tab

Approval details

RFQ’s in approval status are displayed here, along with their Ending time. Clicking on the link on “id” column will take you to the RFQ details screen.

Menu on the Left Pane

Navigation menu on left
Quick Links