eProcurement Portal Basics: Analytics & Reports

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In addition to various tabular reports in the system, offers 7 predefined configurable graphical reports. Each of these has their own options and filters, offering more control of how to review your data.

Spend Analysis

This report shows spend details based on vendors, items & buyers. Also, various options and filters are provided where user can get top & bottom 5 vendors, items & buyers. Alternatively, you can select details of a particular vendor, item or buyer along with date range.

Spend Analysis

Pending and Overdue RFQ

Pending & Overdue RFQ report shows the details of Pending RFQs and Overdue RFQs. Any RFQ that is in progress shows is deemed to be Pending.. Rest are shown under overdue overdue.

The report can be generated based on buyer group or buyer and date range.

Pending and Overdue RFQ

Supplier Evaluation

This report shows data based on timeline of submitting RFQ. These timelines include Intime, Out time or NR (Not Interested). User will be able to search for details based on vendor or RFQ with a particular date range.

Supplier Evaluation

Quoted and Negotiated price

This report shows the quoted price submitted by the vendor and negotiated price if the buyer has requested for resubmission. These details can be seen on the basis of RFQ, Group or Vendor.

Quoted & Negotiated Price Report

Quote Price Variance

This report shows the variance between the quoted price of a particular group and vendors or of all the products in the system.

Quote Price Variance Report

Buyer Evaluation

RFQs that are completed or in approved status will be shown here along with buyer details.

Buyer Evaluation Report

Completed RFQs

All RFQs in completed status will be displayed here.

Completed RFQ report

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