eProcurement Portal Config: Roles & Permissions

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Roles & Permissions List

eProcurement Portal Roles & Permissions List

The Roles & Permissions list shows the list of roles that have been created in the system. Users can add a role and then further map users to it and provide appropriate permissions.

Roles & Permissions recommended practice

The eProcurement Portal is designed to loosely couple the specific permissions & the Users. Roles defined in the system are a group of Permissions.

Designing & Naming Roles

Roles should be designed in the system keeping in mind the actual task that needs to be performed by a set of users. For example, a Role called RFQ Approvers can be created that contains permissions to only the function of Approval of RFQs. These users may not create RFQs themselves. Similarly, a group of users may be given a set of permissions for RFQ Creation. These users may not Approve RFQs.

In the same manner, other functions can be a separated into logical blocks. This will ensure that the System is configured using best practices.

A system default role is recommended. This default role should have minimal permissions. Permissions related to creating and possibly modifying a PR should be assigned, so users may request as per their needs.

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