Odin Dashboard

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The first screen you see is the Odin dashboard. It gives a quick overview of key information.

  1. Essential information (Tasks, Opportunities, Total sales, Products)
  2. Sales reports (MTD & YTD) for self & team
  3. Sales analysis for self & team
  4. Pending tasks
  5. Sales funnel
  6. Favorites
  7. Notices

Also available is navigation using the Menu.

The Odin menu provides quick, categorized access to all features permitted to the logged in user.

Also available are quick-access buttons to the below functionality.

  1. Notifications (via the bell icon)
  2. Quick-add (via the + icon)
  3. Support tickets (via the ticket icon)
  4. Global search (via the magnifying glass icon)
  5. Change the current Site (via drop-down)

These features will be discussed in below sections.

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