What is kriya

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Kriya is a no-code SaaS platform that is aimed at business analysts & power users/managers to allow them to digitize their business processes. They can do this without requiring the support of their IT team. Kriya applications are also instantly available on iOS & Android devices, with support for Desktop & other platforms coming soon. 

Kriya is built on the belief that software adoption need not be at the cost of time & patience. Microsoft Excel & Spreadsheet use thrives across each organization due to one simple reason – ready access to data import, filtration, manipulation & parsing tools – all available to use at the user’s behest, and their current expertise level. Email & chat use thrives for communication, as it is ubiquitous & creates a digital trail of work requested & performed. Yet, this ubiquity lacks form, structure, accountability, security & timelines. Yet, projects are managed on eMail & spreadsheets. 

Kriya fulfills the market need of instant gratification & disposable technology. A sales manager evaluating CRM systems need not wait months before the budget approval & implementation cycles complete. Similarly, a technology manager can instantly enable a ticketing solution. A Quality professional can deploy a QMS in a matter of days, if not hours. 

Kriya goes the extra mile & allows users to design their own advanced dashboards also. Using Kriya, enterprises are offered a data collection, business management & a business intelligence tool bundled into one.  

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