Top differentiators from other low-code/no-code competitors

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  1. Kriya has a tightly integrated full-featured Enterprise Content Management module, also a SaaS offering – Greenbox. 
    1. Allows customers to choose their implementation model – whether they build applications that are document-first (e.g. SoP management), or process-first (e.g. management)
    2. makes all document content instantly search-able & shareable 
    3. is built with enterprise-grade security, providing unparalleled control over information shared with internal & external users
  2. The software products we develop are based on a CFR 21 Part 11 of Good Automated Manufacturing Practices (GAMP) compliant architecture. This compliance allows customers to use Kriya to build applications that are audit-friendly by regulatory authorities. Again, customers can choose between a fully regulated solutions environment or an unregulated environment, or even a hybrid of both.
  3. A powerful Proof Reader bolt-on, that enables our Pharmaceutical & Consumer Goods customers to enhance their Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)’s packaging & processes. 
  4. Usability & Features 
    1. Simplified workflow engine, reducing the technical knowledge barrier to creating applications on Kriya
    2. Powerful workflows – allowing child processes to create process trees in complex implementation scenarios
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