How to map workflow to manage document version

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  1. Log in into with correct credentials
  2. Make sure that the user has the permissions to Map-Version Workflow
    1. Go to Settings > Role Permissions > (Select the role where the user is mapped)
    2. Check the Map-Version Workflow checkbox
  3. Select the box in which you want to map the Version workflow
  4. Right-click on the box and go to “View Details”
  5. Click on “Add Version Workflow”
  6. Authenticate with correct credentials
  7. Select the “Application” and the “Process/Workflow”
    1. Process/Workflow should be pre-configured in ‘kriya’
  8. Click on Save
  9. This workflow will be used to change the version of the files
  10. Click on ‘Map Version Workflow’ to see the list of all the workflows that have been run
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