How to execute a workflow to set print attributes for a documents

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  1. Logi n to with correct credentials
  2. Go to a box where the DI Attribute Workflow is already mapped.
  3. Open the Box and right-click on any file and go to “View Details”
  4. Go to the “Start DI Attribute Workflow”
  5. During the workflow select “Document Issuance” to set the attributes
  6. Click on “Available Attributes” to see which attributes are available to set on the document
  7. To add new attributes, enter the attribute name and click on the “+” button. The new attributes will be shown under “Available Attributes”
  8. After selecting the attribute, click on “add to page”, you will see the attribute added in the document which can be placed freely anywhere on the document using drag functionality 
  9. Then click “Copy to all” to set the attribute at the same place in all the pages of the document. Click “Copy” to copy the attribute on the same page.
  10. Click on “Save” and your document and attributes will be saved.
  11. Complete the workflow by providing the approval and close the workflow.
  12. After completion of workflow the print elements will be set on the document and each time you go to print the document, the set elements will be printed on the document

Please note this feature is only for .pdf documents

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