How to execute a version workflow to manage document versions

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  1. Login into with correct credentials
  2. Make sure that the user has the permissions to Run Version Workflow
  3. Go to Settings > Role Permissions > (Select the role where the user is mapped)
  4. Check the Start Version Workflow checkbox
  5. Go to a box where the Version Workflow is already mapped.
  6. Open the Box and right-click on any file and go to “View Details”
  7. Check the current version of the file. For the new file, the current version should be “0.1”
  8. Go to the “Start Version Workflow”
  9. Complete the workflow and check the version of the file. It should now be “1.0”
  10. Remember, a file can have only one version workflow running at a time.
  11. If the workflow is not completed then the file will remain locked for editing. It is only after completing the workflow that the file will be unlocked automatically
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