Greenbox HowTo: Microsoft Word Integration

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With Low Code DMS, you can choose to edit documents directly with Microsoft Word.

Step 1: Download the Microsoft Office Add-in for

Download the required installer from this link. Preferably, download it to the “Downloads” folder on your Windows machine to make it easier to find.

Step 2: Download Prerequisites

Proceed to this link to download Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime. You will see the download option as per the image below.

Click on Download
Your download will begin automatically

Step 3: Install prerequisites

Open the downloaded file – vstor_redist.exe.

Launch installer

Read the terms & conditions, and if in agreement, tick the box that says “I have read and accept the license terms”. You may leave the other tick box unchecked or checked, it will not matter to the installation.

Wait for the installation to complete, which should take a few seconds. The click on “Finish”.

Click finish to complete prequisite installation.

Step 4: Install the Microsoft Office Word AddIn for Low Code

Navigate to the place where you downloaded the file in step 1. If you followed all instructions, it should be in your “Downloads” folder. Double click on the file “.Word2013_16WixInstaller.msi”. You will see the screen below.

Launch the Microsoft Word AddIn for Greenbox Low Code installer

Click Next. Windows may ask for a confirmation, click on “Yes”. You will see the screen below confirming a successful installation.

Click on Finish to complete the installation.

That’s it! You are done!

Confirm successful installation

Open Microsoft Word on your computer. Navigate to File->Options on Microsoft Word. The Options window will open. Click on “Add-ins” and confirm that the Greenbox

Confirm the presence of “Greenbox Panel for Word 2013/2016”

Your AddIn has been successfully installed.

Step 5: Using the AddIn with Greenbox Low Code

Navigate to & login (if you have not already done so). Double-click on the Microsoft Word file you wish to edit.

You will navigate to the Preview page for that file. Click on the Pencil icon. You will be shown the options below.

Edit Microsoft Word File in Microsoft Office

The first time you choose this option, you will be asked for permission to open Microsoft Word from the Browser Window.

Browser permission dialog to open MS Word links – Allow

Check the option “Always open ms-word: links” and click on Allow. Microsoft Word will now launch & open the file in Greenbox.

Microsoft Word launches & opens the file from Greenbox Low Code

Your file may open in Read-only mode as it has been opened from the Internet.

Click on Enable Editing to edit the file.

Privacy Settings (optional)

You may optionally remove the Privacy Settings Applied warning by change the settings in the section accessible via File->

Step 6: Save the file back to Greenbox Low Code

Click on “Home”. You will see the option called “Sync Greenbox”.

Microsoft Word AddIn to save Files to Greenbox Low Code

This will open a Panel inside Microsoft Word titled “GreenBox”. Click on Save as Final Version.

Integrated Greenbox Panel in Microsoft Word

To save files to Greenbox, Microsoft Word must be authenticated. So, enter your Greenbox password. This file is and Greenbox account are linked. Therefore, your user name is not required.

Enter your Greenbox password

Click on Upload to upload the document to Greenbox. A confirmation dialog with a reference ID will be displayed.

Upload confirmation

Next, click on OK to close the Microsoft Word window with the linked file. Note that Greenbox files opened with Microsoft Word, once uploaded, must be closed. This is to avoid potential data integrity problems.

You are all set! Click here to login to Greenbox & start using the new Addin!

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