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    Disaster Recovery

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      What is disaster recovery?

      Disaster Recovery (DR) covers the procedures and processes that prepare an organization’s vital IT infrastructure to effectively recover from natural like cyber-attacks and equipment failure or through natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes ensure business continuity.

      Disaster Recovery has assumed an increasingly critical aspect in IT planning and accounts for 20-25% of IT computing expenses.

      Having the right disaster recovery plan

      A disaster recovery plan (DRP) delineates how an organization will respond to any given disaster scenario, with the goal of supporting time-sensitive business processes and functions, and maintaining full business continuity.

      A disaster recovery plan typically includes:

      • Emergency procedures IT staff can carry out when a disaster occurs

        Business critical IT assets and their maximum allowed outage time

        Tools or technologies that should be used for recovery

        A disaster recovery team, their contact information and communication procedures

      What are the types of disaster recovery?

      Businesses can choose from a variety of disaster recovery methods, or combine several:


      The simplest type of disaster recovery and entails storing data off site or on a removable drive. It provide very little business continuity as the infrastructure is not available.

      Cold Site

      Cold sites are unused until a disaster occurs. An alternate site with basic or little infrastructure from where users can shift to if the primary sites faces a disaster situation.

      Hot Site

      A hot backup has equipment set up with current data available all the time. These sites are expensive to setup but reduce down time to minimal. A hot site is the better option for mission-critical data.

      Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

      Service provider moves the client computer processing to their own servers. Client users are able to work seamlessly from the same location.

      Back Up as a Service

      Backup as a service (BaaS) is a modern alternative to traditional data backup approaches. It is a method of offsite data storage in which entire contents of a hard drive are regularly backed up by a service vendor and is available whenever required.

      Datacenter disaster recovery

      The physical elements of a data center can protect data and contribute to faster disaster recovery in certain types of disasters

      Why should you invest in a Disaster Recovery plan?

      No organization can afford to ignore disaster recovery as it will impact the business and the bottomline of the company. The most important benefits of having a disaster plan in place, including effective DR software, are:

      To Avoid Revenue Impact

      Businesses increasingly depend on IT infrastructure; any interruption in IT infrastructure availability leads to impact on bottom lines.

      Increased Customer Satisfaction

      Re-acquiring customers and building trust with them post a disaster is very difficult; it's far easier to invest in a DR plan.

      Avoid compromising the business reputation

      Having a well-defined DR plan helps build confidence within Client, Vendor and Partner network

      No Impact on Productivity

      Availability of IT infrastructure with minimal downtime can reduce the impact on productivity as IT backbone of

      Why choose DBS as your DR Partner?

      Full Managed

      We manage it completely so you can focus on other things

      Best Practices

      We follow industry best practices for DR


      Certified and experienced team of DR experts

      Comprehensive & Cost Effective

      We provide the best fit and cost effective solutions based on business requirement


      Experience of working with Enterprise and SME customers


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