2020 has been a tough year since the starting of the COVID-19 pandemic. An approximate number of 213 countries and territories have registered numerous CoVID-19 cases as of now. Remember the financial crisis in the late 2000s? It approximately took more than two years to bring back the normalcy of things. Thus, it would be complete foolishness to think that things will be back to normal in a few months.

The June 2020 Global Economic Prospects discusses the present and the upcoming viewpoint regarding the impact of the pandemic and the catastrophe the world is going through.

There have been significant changes in a short period due to this pandemic. Businesses are changing and advancing each day, along with the workforce.

Remote teams and Virtual meetings are the stars of the show right now.

Thus, in case if you are reading this article during a break from your home office, take a sip of coffee and know more about the four trends that are shaping the future of work post-COVID 19.

Working Remotely After COVID Pandemic

In the current scenario, remote working has become the norm for the majority of companies in the world. Businesses are discovering that the productivity and effectiveness of a remote workforce are almost the same as the traditional methods.

Employees seem to enjoy their freedom of working from home and this, in turn, increases their productivity too. According to the new data by a PwC survey in June, reflects that 83% of the responders of the worker group of 1200 would likely prefer to work at least one day remotely in a week.

All hail to the advancement of technology, there are numerous Collaboration Softwares discovered each day. These help in a seamless workflow even at the comfort of your home. Integration is the prime factor. Employees and team members need suitable online team collaboration software that provides various vital features like video calls, quick messaging, screen sharing, etc.

These are significantly essential in work from home scenario. Some of the renowned collaboration tools are Google G Suite, Slack, Ryver, etc. These collaboration tools will improve teamwork, communication, and the problem-solving process.

Also, the remote access to every geographic location is an added advantage of having a team collaboration software. A collaboration software facilitates access to all the projects, tasks, client accounts from a browser from anywhere in the world. In the post COVID world, more and more people would take advantage of the collaboration software.

What Digitization Would Mean After COVID

The world is shifting to digital methods at a rapid pace. It’s no brainer that technology plays a significant role in the work from the home procedure. Businesses upgrade their tech infrastructure, system, and implement cloud document management software for better workforce convenience.

You might find the term cloud queer. Let’s talk a bit about the details of it to make you comfortable about this term and how digitalization has helped us to achieve this feat.

Technology has an extraordinary capability to restrategize and improve efficiency. This particular aids in permitting your team to access all the critical documents and information securely from anywhere be it your office or home. Thus, this document management software will help you to adapt to the “new normal”.

Other benefits of this particular include digitally generated and indexed invoices. This makes everything virtually accessible from anywhere. Also, the cost-effectiveness of this system is cherry on the cake!

How Scalable Workforce Will Help

In the post COVID world, the scenario of the entire business industry would change and so will the size of the workforce. Finding a competent full-time employee who is capable of adjusting and accommodating the financial and work-related situations and changes that the business might face in the future is definitely a tough task.

Here comes the demand for an on-demand workforce. This way, there would be an improvement in financial management, designing, and an approach to other diverse skills. It has a versatility which is pretty essential right now. The on-demand freelancing talent will be high in value in the upcoming years, and various companies have already started realizing that. Some great platforms to get such an incredible workforce are Fiverr, Upwork, etc. All of these platforms offer experts at their field, be it the innovative document management system or the analytics part of a company. The list of benefits of on-demand freelancers is endless!

What Would It Mean for Millennials

The Millennials are quite tech-savvy right now and can significantly influence the future of the workplace. They have already made numerous remarkable transitions and are hustling for more.

As the previous generation retires, this passing of the torch will have huge impacts starting from innovations to improved leadership skills. They give more value to learning over perfection!

Technology-enabled transformation is imperative since the implementation of new strategies and mindsets will aid in having a better future post-COVID 19 eras. With the rapid change that is happening right now, if companies do not keep up with the new reality, they might stay behind.

Are You Post Covid Pandemic Ready

Although there is no definite rule of predicting the future, few of the transformations are merely inevitable. These significant changes are the driving force behind the future of work. Keep a close eye on these trends to gear up and take your business to the next level for a brighter future in the post covid era.