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    is the process of moving a company’s digital assets, services, databases, IT resources, and applications either partially, or wholly, into the cloud. You can migrate anything to cloud – be it applications, databases, storage, physical or virtual servers – and even entire data centers from an on-premises environment. In some cases cloud migration can be as simple as lift and shift – on-premises applications can move to the cloud without redesign.

    Some of the leading cloud providers are Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. These not only provide the hardware but also offer a variety of rich apps and services for data analytics, continuous integration, artificial intelligence, and more. Before getting started, be sure of your reasons for the move and which strategy and cloud partner can best support them. 

    Why are companies moving to Cloud?

    Cost Reduction

    A recent survey, almost 50 percent of organizations say their IT expenses have dropped by 30-50 percent from the use of cloud technology and 73% of SMBs reported operational cost reduction as a result of adopting cloud technology.

    Cost can be reduced as you pay for the services that you have procured, rather than make a investment in on-premise hardware. The Pay-as-you-go basis model also ensures you do not have to make huge one-time investments upfront.


    Clouds have built-in security features and specialised tools to protect your resources and assets. This helps to keep your data security watertight and ensure your risk of a breach or hack is minimised. Cloud providers take care of some of the tougher security issues such as ensuring automatic security updates to their systems to keep from being vulnerable to the latest ransomware and other security threats.


    Cloud computing is scalable, allowing you to expand and reduce the resources you require with great ease. allows organizations to anytime expand services based on its necessities. If needs increase, it’s easy to scale up cloud capacity, drawing on the service’s remote servers. Likewise, it can be scaled down again, the flexibility is built into the service. Best part if you only pay for what you use.

    Ensuring Business Continuity

    Business continuity is a major factor that contributes to business success, today even a few minutes of downtime can have a major impact on businesses. Cloud providers offer a very quick disaster recovery from any natural disasters or power outages. The applications and data stored in the cloud further make it easier for enterprises to implement robust business continuity plan.

    Why migrate to the or other cloud?

    Organizations who migrated to cloud from on-premise saw:


    Average infrastructure cost savings


    More efficient IT infrastructure management


    More features delivered per year


    Reduction in unplanned downtime


    Fewer security incidents per year

    Why choose DBS as your Cloud Partner

    We have helped deliver friendly and time and cost -saving cloud migration solutions to a varied range of business. Our Cloud Migration Services provides an end to end services, starting from strategy, planning to execution, to help our clients migrate seamlessly to cloud. We help you build a cloud migration strategy for moving your IT workloads to the Cloud, with minimal cost and effort so that you can reduce your expenditure, minimize administrative effort, and retain the performance, security, and reliability requirements your business demands.

    We have a team of certified cloud migration experts

    Experience of moving enterprise workloads to Cloud

    We follow 6R strategy of rehost, replatform, repurchase, refactor / re-architect and retire

    Manage and Operate infrastructure after migration


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