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Unlock the Benefits of E-Procurement Sol...

Unlock the Benefits of E-Procurement Solutions – Transform Your Business Now

What is E-Procurement? E-procurement is the process of using digital technology to manage and automate procurement activities. It typically involves the use of software applications and online platforms to streamline the procurement process, from requisition to payment. It can include a range of tools and functionalities, such as e-sourcing, e-invoicing, e-catalogs, and online auctions. These […]

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Automating procurement processes

Automating procurement processes can help organizations to take advantage of early purchase and payment discounts by streamlining the process and making it more efficient. This can be done by implementing a procurement management system to automate various tasks such as purchase requisition, purchase order, invoice processing, and payment. Automating the purchase requisition process, including creating […]

How Discus Procure can automate the proc...

How Discus Procure can automate the procurement process effectively?

What is the Procurement process?Procurement is the process of acquiring goods, services, or works from an external source. The process typically includes activities such as identifying needs, specifying requirements, identifying potential suppliers, soliciting bids or proposals, evaluating offers, awarding contracts, and managing vendor performance. The goal of the procurement process is to obtain the best […]

Know how right E-Procurement solutions c...

Know how right E-Procurement solutions can bring significant benefits to organizations.

E-Procurement solutions, also known as electronic procurement or digital procurement, are software systems that automate and streamline the procurement process for businesses. These solutions can include everything from sourcing and supplier management to purchase order creation and invoice processing. One of the main benefits of e-procurement solutions is that they can significantly reduce the amount […]

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How Much Time and Money Can You Save by Extending the Procurement Automation to Services?

Digital transformation in recent years has led to increasing interest in streamlining and optimizing the workflows in all business sectors, including procurement. The old procurement process is often paper-based and is built on a time-consuming, ineffective manual technique with several inaccuracies and bottlenecks. With automation of the procurement, you will get a lot of benefits. […]

Why You Need an E-Procurement Solution?

 In a business environment, procurement refers to the sourcing of supplies and services through strategic selection and negotiation. Traditionally, the process of procurement happened through conversations and paperwork between vendors and purchase executives. An e-procurement software solution brings about structure & transparency. To overcome challenges faced by having most of the procurement communication happen over eMail & telephone. Digital revolution has […]

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