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How Much Time and Money Can You Save by ...

How Much Time and Money Can You Save by Extending the Procurement Automation to Services?

Digital transformation in recent years has led to increasing interest in streamlining and optimizing the workflows in all business sectors, including procurement. The old procurement process is often paper-based and is built on a time-consuming, ineffective manual technique with several inaccuracies and bottlenecks. With automation of the procurement, you will get a lot of benefits. […]

Why You Need an E-Procurement Solution?

 In a business environment, procurement refers to the sourcing of supplies and services through strategic selection and negotiation. Traditionally, the process of procurement happened through conversations and paperwork between vendors and purchase executives. An e-procurement software solution brings about structure & transparency. To overcome challenges faced by having most of the procurement communication happen over eMail & telephone. Digital revolution has […]

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