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How Digital Onboarding Amp Ups Your HR P...


The employee onboarding process is anything but simple. New hires are welcomed to countless contracts and policies that their whole day goes in understanding your company’s policies. Since the first and foremost touchpoint for a new hire is onboarding, it plays a vital role in gauging how the individual feels about your company. Glassdoor reports […]

Cost-saving corporate travel strategies ...

Saving money is making money and nobody understands it better than the CFOs around the world working for various business organizations having an exasperating time figuring out revolutionary ways of economizing budget. While organizations can save a small amount of money by implying numerous methods like mass-slashing the funds allotted to different departments, It will […]

e-Procurement Software – And Why You Nee

 In a business environment, procurement refers to the sourcing of supplies and services through strategic selection and negotiation. Traditionally, the process of procurement happened through conversations and paperwork between vendors and purchase executives. An e-procurement software solution brings about structure & transparency. To overcome challenges faced by having most of the procurement communication happen over eMail & telephone. Digital revolution has […]

Top 5 use cases of Document Management S...

Top 5 use cases of Document Management Systems

Document Management Systems (DMS) as a tool DMS is a web-based software that transforms a paper-intensive enterprise into a digital paperless organization. The system helps in storing, tracking, retrieving and managing documents on cloud or on in-house servers while having centralized access. Everything is available on the central repository. Anyone and everyone with permission can […]