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The powerful hyper productive BPM platform.

We make your team Work. Fast.

business process management software

See how Kriya works.

Are you struggling with any of these issues?

Scattered business data?

You use multiple applications from multiple vendors and find it difficult to integrate. And this desynchronizes the functioning of all your departments.

Waste months in getting an application developed?

You spend months in finding the perfect source and finalizing the vendor and end up consuming most of the time in trivial tasks.

Can't get a good deal?

You limit your employees’ access to certain tools to cut down the costs? You dislike long contracts, undistributed billing, and uneconomical pricing.

Say hello to Kriya!

Kriya is a team collaboration platform aimed to reshape enterprise software with Rapid Application Development. It empowers business users to rapidly create full stack web & mobile applications with zero coding to instantly automate business processes.

Faster Productivity. No IT and Infra interference.

Optimize business processes, streamline workflows, boost efficiency with visibility, control, and apt analysis.

business process management system

1200+ in built apps

Kriya has an in built library of around 1200+ applications catering to all the departments of an organization.

Build better Processes.

Create unlimited automated workflows for your business or department.

business process management suite

Build workflows for any kind of process, simple or complex, within minutes.

Workflow Software

Run processes as soon as you create them. Keep an eye on the progress.

BPM Software

Get customized reports according to your requirements and get real time analytics.

Workflow tool

Analyze the dynamic data and optimize processes, ensuring high efficiency.

The features

Workflow management software

Build Workflows

Design and Manage workflows for streamlined processes

Workflow automation tool

Integrate Legacy Systems

Integrate with your existing system

business process automation software

Control & Accountability

Have a control over the processes and keep a check on the accountability

business automation software

Data-driven decisions

Data leads to better decisions. Make changes with proof

workflow management system

Reports, Analytics, and Graphs

Create powerful reports, derive useful analytics in different graph formats

which can benefit from Kriya

And any other business who wishes to increase productivity

business process management suite

Zero infrastructure cost

Workflow Software

Technical integration

BPM Software

Reduced risks

Workflow tool

Increased productivity

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Workflow management software

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Workflow automation tool

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business process automation software



business automation software

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