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The Modern BPM Suite

Kriya is easy to use workflow automation solution to automate, track and manage business processes. Organize and manage processes, tickets and tasks

All-in-one solution

Manage process, cases, projects, and documents at one place

Mobile Digital Workplace

Initiate, track and approve a request from anywhere, anytime

Integrated Advance DMS

Process and document management made simple. Documents routed through a workflow automatically save to the document repository


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    Unlimited Workflows/Processes

    Build workflows with zero technical skills in real-time. Automate repetitive tasks. Flow & value-based routing. Reuse forms & workflows. Apply mathematical formulas. Set auto approvals and escalation rules

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    Dashboard & Reports

    DIY dashlets with charts, graphs, and data tables and organize in a library. Share dashlets, dashboard or the entire library. keep track of everything you create

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    Ready to use process templates

    Choose from hundreds of best-practice free process templates form the library. Deploy smart and powerful applications in minutes

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    BPM - Creating Connectivity

    Business processes creating connectivity between data and apps with secured sharing across numerous applications. Create parent-child business workflows, reports & dashboards

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    Public Forms

    Integrate forms with website and legacy systems. Send form links to conduct a survey, gather documents, collect invoices and more

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    Reminders & Notifications

    Reminders, email alerts, and mobile notifications never let you miss your deadlines

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    A view that enables you to finish all your todos quickly. All the requests from the different process in one view

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    Choose where your data is stored. Cloud, Private Cloud & On-premise

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    API Integration

    Integrate with any 3rd party apps and legacy systems. Integrate kriya forms on your website

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