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      Amazon Web Services - Infrastructure Services

      sits comfortably at the top of the Cloud provider’s pyramid – with the largest & most easily accessible infrastructure available today. As AWS partners, we bring the best it has to offer to you, with specialized services & support. Expertise in infrastructure management bundled with an in-depth understanding of enterprise software strategy & software systems, including SAP, makes us uniquely qualified to take on Cloud-based projects & services.

      Cloud Strategy Consulting

      Is a Cloud strategy the right approach for you? In almost all cases, the answer is yes – which leads us to the more important question – how can you proceed?

      We have helped many an organization successfully migrate their servers, user data backups & databases to AWS, each with realized savings & risk mitigation.

      Ransomware protection

      Ransomware is the latest in a series of threats to threaten a disruption in business continuity. Traditional methods of data security & backups are no longer effective, especially due to limitations of cold backup mediums such as tape drives. Even up to date firewalls & virus scanners have been unable to keep pace with the latest threats. In such a scenario, it is better to be safe rather than be sorry.

      Legacy Applications migration

      Legacy applications are a reality of any running enterprise – years of productive investment converted to systems that cannot be retired (just yet). Add to that – legacy data needed for record keeping & potential audit investigations. All running on legacy servers that are out of support.

      We plan a migration strategy, along with a stock take & upgrade/replacement path for all legacy systems still being maintained at your enterprise.

      User backup strategy

      We back up your data to a remote, cloud-based server. Files and data are automatically saved to the cloud backup service on a regular, scheduled basis, or the information can be automatically backed up anytime changes are made.

      SAP Migration to Cloud

      It is a myth that migrating servers to a Cloud infrastructure automatically translates to more spend. Increase your business agility by migrating to the cloud and reap the following benefits:

      Simplified Reduced cost of risk mitigation Increased workforce productivity Reduced operational costs

      24/7 managed NOC

      Our 24*7*365 network monitoring keeps a watch on everything and responds quickly to any issue to avoid any breach.

      How does it work?


      We understand that every business has its own unique requirements. Our team discusses and evaluates your design and migration requirements in order to come up with the best suitable plan.

      Operation & Assistance

      service monitoring Duly security management Reporting and dashboards services touching Amazon metrics 24*7 assistance

      Planning the roadmap

      After analyzing your requirements, we present you a plan that suits your needs the best. If it fits the bill, we create a future roadmap to achieve your objectives.


      Migrating your data and applications securely to with 99.99% uptime

      Consulting Partners

      We help you with choosing the right instances and tools for your applications, designing redundant and secure environments, managing migration, optimizing deployments


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