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Why is Augmented Reality one of the quickest and most promising technology trends worldwide?

Augmented Reality (AR)

Welcome to the world of immersive technologies. Augmented reality (AR) is a disruptive technology that seamlessly integrates digital information with the physical environment in real time. In lay terms, it offers an opportunity to augment the real world by including virtual components to it.

AR began as child's play that went on to capture the imagination across all age groups. With the popular mobile gaming app, Pokemon Go, AR became a trendsetter putting it on the hi-tech map. The rest is history, marked by fast-paced innovations to provide engaging and immersive experiences across diverse verticals, platforms and devices.

Augmented reality is now for real that enables your businesses exceed expectations with unique and customised applications. Whatever be the nature of your business, AR technology can help drive innovation into your products, processes, and services to provide unparalleled experiences. In a fast-paced environment, AR can accurately help in design, development, marketing, customer service and decision-making with no barriers of location or geography. A technology that can be accessed anywhere and anytime to realise enthralling experiences in the web and mobile space, AR may be the solution you have been looking for.

Here is your chance to have a slice of the growing $90 billion Augmented Reality industry!

Virtual Reality (VR)

VR is a disruptive technology that empowers you to enjoy a unique interactive experience of a virtual setting juxtaposed in the real world environment. This means it is possible to visualise and understand a product, design or idea in its complete capacity, with the use of 3D imagery to enable an immersive experience. With virtual reality, you can optimise workflow and presentation, improve data analytics, drive value and innovation, reduce costs, enhance interactive experiences, promote customer engagement and increase profits.

VR has the Midas touch in the Gaming and Entertainment vertical. Healthcare, Travel and Tourism, Architecture, Manufacturing, and Education are also now cashing in on the $20 billion virtual reality market.

Do not want to be left behind, call us to know how Virtual Reality can benefit your business and processes.

Mixed Reality (MR)

A unique amalgamation of virtual and mixed reality is truly an innovative way to present your services and products. With our well-honed understanding of AR and VR specialities, we can effectively integrate these immersive technologies for an out of the world experience.

Hololens, the mixed reality headsets, charted the growth trajectory for this novel technology blend. Microsoft gave it the now famous name ‘Mixed Reality' that has delved into diverse industries -Education, Construction, Architecture, Design, Maintenance , and other verticals to deliver superior engagement.

What MR will translate into is a holistic engagement underlined by powerful interactions with product, design and services adding increased value to your audience.

Talk to us for Mixed Reality solutions to bring innovation into your business, clients, and products.

Services We Offer

Complete AR, VR and MR services tailor-made to add value to your business. More specifically we can help with :

Customer specific Augmented Reality App Development

Tailor made Virtual Reality App Development

Mixed Reality modules in Apps

Development of visuals, 3D graphics and animation

Interactive real time engineering and design

Develop Storyboard

Custom AR/VR/MR platform

Information development - AR/VR/MR

Create Gaming Apps

Interactive kiosks with VR

Augmented product demonstrations

Effective Sampling and Implementation of AR / VR/MR Devices

Enable multi-user Collaboration


App Development

In this realm, our graphics and 3D solutions are of very high quality enabling overwhelming experiences. Our expertise in design and development with emerging trends in AR and VR can build a superior quality product that combines ease of navigation, speed and innovation.

Business Solutions

Our solutions are not generic. Our VR and AR solutions cater to specifics of your business, essentially enhancing presentation of your product, services and design. In this area, our expertise in developing intuitive applications, interactive kiosks for product displays, virtual conferencing applications, innovative blend of immersive technologies and such others have proved its weight in gold for our valuable clients.


It is pointless having an amazing product if its features and benefits are not impactfully delivered to potential customers. Our marketing solutions have fully employed the outstanding features of AR and VR to deliver potentially evolved promotional and marketing tools. We can display products and services using live demonstrations, interactive walkthroughs to deliver a powerful message to the intended audience.

Training and Development Modules

Organisations need the best people on board. To ensure people continue to give their best, learning has to be a journey rather than a destination. Training imparted in real time and in an interactive manner has far-reaching impact. AR, VR and MR have raised the bar in providing interactive and simulative modules for learning development in diverse industries.

Powerful visuals

Solutions with visuals can be a distinguishing factor to make a compelling presentation. Powerful visuals can create an impact like no other. Visual storytelling replete with interactive 3D imagery and solutions is our forte.


What sets us apart?

Empowered to deliver exceptional VR/AR/MR apps for your clients in an organised and timely manner

A multifaceted team of Designers, App developers, Ideators, Engineers, 3D Specialists, UI/UX Design experts that can deliver AR / VR / MR solutions with high interaction and user engagement.

In-house panel of industry specialists from diverse industries to bring their stamp of practical experience on products and services

History of delivering across several verticals in multifarious platforms to produce custom driven solutions.

Track record of rewarding projects executed in a timely and professional manner with impeccable work ethics and best practices. From ideation to implementation, we ensure projects are handled with ease, precision and professionalism.

To resonate the Four C's – Creativity, Communication, Cost and Client-Centric Approach in the products and services. Client requirements are the core of AR and VR solutions and services with an eye on pricing. Seamless communication to iron out any potential issues is the corner stone of our work ethics. Innovation that does not cost the earth yet delivers an out of the world solution to drive growth, is our USP.

Offer systematic troubleshooting and tweaking to enable highest work standards to help stay on top of the heap.

What we bring is a splendid fusion reality solution at your doorstep. You will realise a superior simulated experience that perfectly blends with the world you are used to. Now your clients can optimise on their time and resources to deliver products and services par excellence.


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