Digital transformation

Digital transformation is a crucial factor in responding to business disruptions, and most companies have intensified their efforts to cope with this sudden change. It is difficult to predict the winners in this race as each one has their own needs and wants.  


84% of CEOs today believe that digital disruption is imminent. – Harvard Business Review.



Some companies do not have a digital transformation plan. They may not be fully aware of the current state of their digital maturity and what the digital future might be for them – let alone their industry or their competitors. Organizations looking to embark on their digital transformation journey need to have a solid knowledge of its concepts and approaches to make their mark in the business world.



Let’s learn more about how digital transformation can make a difference in making businesses more customer-centric.


The Importance of Digital Transformation

The digitization of society emphasizes the importance of digital transformation. As an entrepreneur, you need digital transformation for many reasons. Digital transformation will enable you to compete in this dynamic economic landscape.

The most probable goal, of course, is to survive.


According to a business survey by IDC, global spending on technologies and services that enable digital transformation will reach $1.97 trillion by 2022. The same study also showed a steady increase in digital transformation costs, reaching a five-year compound annual growth rate of 16.7% between 2017 and 2022.

Also, the World Economic Forum suggests that the value of digital transformation for both society and industry could reach $100 trillion by 2025.


The Benefits of Digital Transformation


1. Enhance Customer Experience

At the heart of digital technology is the customer experience. As more and more companies realize this, the majority of leaders are on the way to developing sophisticated digital transformation strategies to enhance the customer experience.


2. More Data-driven Insights

When you go digital, you can track metrics and analyze the data you capture during your digital marketing efforts. Using data-driven insights can help customers understand better, rethink business strategies, make strong decisions, and pave higher ROI.


3- Improving Efficiency

When manual processes are converted to digital versions, the workflow becomes faster, and the whole organization becomes more efficient.


4- Improve Agility and Innovation

With DT, companies multiply due to innovation. When considering DT initiatives, 68% of companies think flexibility is the top consideration.


4 Pillars of Digital Transformation to make your journey a SUCCESS!

After years of debate, understanding digital transformation remains a significant challenge for businesses. A simplified framework for confusion and conflicting demands. The framework outlines these pillars of digital transformation we see today:


IT Uplift

For many companies, digital transformation begins with upgrading the company’s IT infrastructure and mobile infrastructure, data leaks, and cloud. Upgrading your IT gives your company access to state-of-the-art tools that increase employee efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, and increase employee satisfaction.

Digitizing Paper-based and non-paper based processes


If your existing processes are well maintained, moving them to a digitized environment using scalable process management and system is relatively easy. Unfortunately, many organizations still have traditional paper-based processes, making digital workflows more complex. At such points, platforms like and DMS (kriya and greenbox) come to the rescue. Kriya and take care of all your processes and documents involved in the process, reducing workload, and increasing efficiency.


Choosing the right IT Partner

In the age of digital transformation, companies often build relationships with IT partners to help recommend, design, implement, manage, and improve their technology systems. Entering a partnership agreement will reduce the burden of managing everything on your own and permit many additional resources.

Most successful businesses don’t get there without a profitable business partnership. In today’s world of technology and demand, strong partnerships with managed service providers are essential for companies. Because every business, whatever the industry, is based on technology. You can claim the problem without this partnership, especially if technology is not your company’s powerhouse.


Steps for Choosing the Right IT Partner

To ensure success in identifying a good IT partner, consider these steps:

  1.  Do adequate research

  2. Check for Technical Compatibility

  3. Asses the companies Experience in your industry

  4. Past Experiences and Accomplishments

  5. Look at Scalability

  6. Cultural Synergy

By collaborating with an IT partner specializing in digital transformation, you can save yourself from many hassles. Here are three reasons why you should align your business with a resourceful IT partner.


1. IT Strategy and Planning

2. Increased Efficiency and Scalability

3. Continuous Support and Happy Customers


Scalable and configurable software platforms

Scalability and configurability are important elements of a software platform to be a success. Talking about scalability, helps the business owners to meet their growth needs. While configurability helps them to adapt to the requirements such as changes in the number of business processes and functions.


Benefits of Scalable and Configurable Platforms

  • Low cost of ownership

  • Time-Saving

  • Reduces implementation time extensively 

  • Increased ROI

  • Highly flexible

  • Quick turnaround times with 100% transparency 

  • Strong personalization control

  • Easy maintenance and updates 

At Discus Business Solutions, we offer an array of configurable and highly scalable platforms such as business process management,  documentation management, talent management, and infrastructure management. This software caters to the needs of domains such as pharmaceutical, e-commerce, manufacturing, and health and assists businesses in making their operations easy.


Some of our offerings include: 


Kriya is another similar platform from Discus Business Solutions. It is a zero-code development platform that empowers business users to rapidly create full-stack web & mobile applications with zero coding to instantly automate business processes and subsequently create powerful intelligence insights.


Greenbox is a powerful system to securely store, track, share, collaborate and manage your documents from a single repository and convert your organization into a green paperless workplace.


It features a built-in search engine, allowing users to quickly navigate the most extensive document libraries to access the required file. Furthermore, it eliminates the need for manual documentation and reduces the scope of errors and ambiguity.  



Digitizing business processing may seem tedious, but it’s not when you have the right tools. Software like and Kriya are excellent digital tools that can replace the manual work process, digitize your business process, reduce your dependency on paper, increase efficiency, and guarantee ROI. 

Connect with us at Discus Business Solutions with your relevant requirements, and we’ll be happy to help you.