5 Software Development Trends You Need to Check Out in 2021

2020 has been one heck of a year! With the pandemic hovering on our heads, there were many major changes in every aspect around us. One such very crucial change is the rise of digitalization. Digitalization already has a great place in the market, but newer technologies make them even more interesting. 

While we step foot into 2021, there are many new innovative software improvements and newer technologies built that have changed the way of our lives for the good. There are newer software and applications built that streamlines our regular activities. Thus, keeping an eye on such trends is crucial to stay updated on all the latest technologies.

Let’s dive deep into some very crucial trends in 2021 that you should know about!

Progressive Web applications are here to stay!

Yes. You heard it right. But let’s just get a few terms clear.

In the simplest terms, Progressive Web Apps are designed in a way to give you an application-like experience in just a browser for your customers! Progressive Web Applications have numerous benefits, such as reducing development and distribution costs by using a website instead of a full-fledged native application with more expenses such as regular updates, data usage, etc. With a Progressive web application, you can use your SEO and other marketing aspects and attract more visitors and traffic to your Progressive Web Application. They offer a seamless user experience and have proven to give you higher conversion rates over time.

According to the case study about the Progressive Web Application of Starbucks, its size is at least 99.84% smaller than the native app and still has brought incredible ROI, which is tremendous! Various other companies like Adobe, Google, etc., have benefitted mainly from introducing Progressive Web applications.

Since a poorly optimized website and an application both have their own cons, the Progressive Web Application trend, which is a combination of both, is indeed a great initiative and will have a significant role in the world of in 2021. 

Will Rise Even More

We can never really measure the contribution of in our industry. It is limitless. is the ultimate boon for the software development sector. According to the global AI survey by McKinsey, about 50% of the survey participants have stated to adopt at least one function in their organization, and they have witnessed a significant rise in revenue.

Different technologies come under artificial intelligence, and most of them have statistics in almost each of them that claim its benefits and advantages. A few very prevalent AI software trends are:

  • Computer vision applications that are mainly used to monitor public spaces through data cameras and sensors powered by artificial neural networks have already built a great space in the industry. It can even effectively help monitor social distancing, which is crucial even during the post-pandemic world.
  • The AI algorithms are one of the most reliable ways to attract sales to companies. It helps to understand the customers’ preferences and helps them create content and services as per the changing interests of their customers.
  • Neuro-linguistic programming(NLP) and automated speech recognition(ASR) will have skyrocketed demands at call service centers and assistance helplines in 2021.
  • Even though Robotics were a part of almost every industry, it might step foot into the finance, KPO, marketing, and other sectors for streamlining their business processes.

Centralized Infrastructure- Cloud Technology is Still in the Lead

During the past few years, cloud technology has proven to be incredibly beneficial in every industry like Government, startups, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, banking, etc. 

Source: Statista

is increasing strongly, and within a few years, it is quite safe to claim that most companies will resort to cloud services for every need.

Thus, this also calls for a great demand for cloud engineers. According to the news, Amazon lately has declared free Cloud Computing training to 29 million people from 2021 to 2025 to encourage the use of cloud services and create better awareness.

With the help of cloud computing in software development, you can enjoy significant perks such as increased transparency, reduced expenses, quicker delivery, and whatnot. This eventually opens a wide range of opportunities for newer inventions.

Thus, leveraging the power of various cloud computing such as Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS), Software as a Service(SaaS), etc., will give outstanding results to your organization in no time!

5G technology will beat your regular network connection

Just when 2020 started, there were numerous headlines about the rise of 5G technology in various countries. However, it wasn’t really high, though. But fortunately, it is again gaining quite a lot of attention during 2021 and is predicted to achieve more in the upcoming years. 

According to the Annual Internet Report by Cisco, at least 1.4 billion devices will be 5G capable by 2023.

According to Statista, the average 5G subscriptions will rise to 1.9 billion worldwide by 2024, which is pretty huge!!

Thus, 5G technology will, sure enough, have a remarkable comeback in 2021. Some of the popular reasons for such a rise are the demand for the best virtual reality, augmented reality, and various 4k video streaming platforms, which is the main focus of the 5G tech. 5G technology is here to stay and might even replace the 3G and 4G sooner or later.

Python Might Surpass Javascript

Several programming languages and C++, Python, and Java are some of the most common and the simplest ones to learn. Earlier, javascript had major popularity due to the ease and simplicity of use. However, things have changed, and Python will soon leave Javascript behind in no time.

According to the PYPL index, Python is the most popular language and has grown about 17% in the last five years, whereas Java lost about -6.7%. 

According to the TIOBE index, Python has the highest portion amongst the other languages.


There is room for multiple opportunities with respect to web and desktop applications with Python. Thus, it is one of the current favorites and is booming amongst tech enthusiasts.

Final Thoughts

There are many more software development trends that you can try out this year. The list is limitless. However, these few trends will have a major impact in industries all over the world. Thus, gear up, indulge in the latest software development trends, and use it for your own advantage in 2021!