The year of the pandemic is fortunately over, and we cannot be grateful enough for it! 2020 was all about social distancing and lockdowns across the globe. With the covid pandemic, numerous drastic changes have taken place in various aspects of our everyday lives. Let’s talk about organizations and companies today. 

has been a major game-changer for quite some time for the various facilities it offers to companies and organizations. The future impacts of Artificial Intelligence in business will be quite major. Countless people were laid off in 2020 due to the manual workforce’s replacement with -integrated technologies. Let us not forget that people have significantly suffered due to the covid crisis. It is 2021, and remote working or work from home is very prevalent amongst every company. And just like remote work, remote hiring is expected to be a norm soon! Or is it already? Hold on. We discuss this further.

According to the Times of India, Zwayam, an Indian startup, has actively helped big MNCs like Flipkart, Mindtree, and Dr.reddy’s with their remote recruitment platform.

Numerous digital technologies are inbuilt each day for a better remote hiring process. Automating recruitment has many pros, and today we will discover a few benefits and how you can use for your next recruitment process!

How can help in the recruitment process?

There are numerous aspects and levels of the hiring process, which is quite time-consuming and tedious. And if your company is struggling with the same, here are a few tools and software to automate your recruitment process. Let’s check them out.

Physical interview robots

There are countless ongoing complaints about biases and nepotism in the recruitment process based on gender, age, and so on. With AI, companies are significantly fixing the gender gap and enabling a fair process of selection gradually. According to a survey by the Harvard business review, there is a significant increase of about 62% of female candidates post-integration of in the recruitment process.

This might seem new to you, but you can now replace your old traditional physical interviews and add a physical interview robot instead. These physical interview robots have every possible facility for the proper assessment of the candidates. The primary mechanism involves natural language processing(NLP) and integrated interview analytics for assessing the candidate’s various technical, soft, and managerial skills. 

A very popular example of a good physical interview robot is Tengai Unbiased. It had its trial phase and is now very efficient in hiring good candidates with AI. 

According to Tengai Unbiased news, a Swedish municipality has successfully hired their digital coordinator in the year 2019 through a set of five common questions asked by the physical interview robot of Tengai unbiased.

Facial Recognition analysis

Have you ever lied in a job interview and been caught right then and thereby the interviewer? Well, facial expressions and body language play a significant role here!

If you still do not want to incorporate a physical interview robot, good facial recognition analysis software is for your rescue. Video interviews are widespread nowadays in remote recruitment. With video interviews, you can analyze the candidate’s energy, vibe, and confidence. But what if we add here? 

With -driven facial analysis software, you can easily analyze the candidate’s facial expressions during the interview process, which will give you a better understanding of their personality trait.

According to INC, companies have witnessed increased levels of ethnic in socioeconomic diversity with such software.

According to PBS news hour, HireVue’s facial analysis software, which a US-based company mainly develops, is popular software that analyses the language and tone of the applicant or candidate, and his facial expressions also record them for judging. 

As per the case studies by HireVue, there is a massive boost in the recruitment process by 90% post usage of this face analysis software! 

Automated background checking

Even if people might consider background checks as just a formality, rest assured, it is certainly more than that. Background checks are an integral part of a recruitment process that is unavoidable and can never be ignored. Many rules and regulations are involved during the recruitment process, and a proper background check helps maintain the specified guidelines. 

, A great example of such software is Checkr. It uses high levels of machine learning and for background checks for various companies. It helps in a simpler, faster, and unbiased background check for every applicant with less effort.

Automated screening software

Let’s just admit. The most tedious job is to screen out the deserving candidates’ resumes out of the huge lot! It takes up a lot of time and effort, which is exactly why can be beneficial! 

The ideal is a very frequently used screening software that conveniently automates resume screening within the existing database. It focuses on the candidate’s skills, knowledge, experiences, and other qualities and then judges within the list. It then makes a list with every candidate’s ranks or grades with an affirmation if they are fit for the role or not. Ideal also helps pull out extra information about the candidate from other public data sources, which again falls under background check! 

Pymetrics is another great company that uses AI for predictive analysis if the candidate is likely to succeed in that particular job profile after checking all the candidate’s details.

Automated chatbots

Be it recruitment or any other industry. Chatbots are one of the most common AI integrated software that is used in typically every industry. Proper end-to-end communication is necessary on both ends, which is not very feasible with remote hiring. It basically helps make significant inquiries regarding the application’s status, resume parsing, answer faqs, and so on. It can significantly enhance the overall experience of the candidate and help in better interaction with the organization.

A great example of a popular chatbot is Olivia! Olivia offers a perfect engaging interaction and doubt solving facility with the prospective candidates using the NLP functionality.

Automated candidate sourcing

Continuous sourcing of potential candidates for the organization is a necessity. Most of the profiles of the candidates are sourced from various job portals, social media channels, and so on. The entire process is, yet again, very time-consuming and tough. With AI-integrated software like Skillate, you can easily source and hire candidates quickly! Skillate has been an active software used by the top MNCs like byjus, BigBasket, offers, Rapido, etc.

Automated compensation determination

Determining the right pay, packages, etc., for the newly hired employees is very confusing in general. There are certain factors to consider while analyzing the employee’s compensation, like overtime pay, base salary, retirement, healthcare perks, bonuses, etc. 

There are certain industry standards and regulations that are considered while analyzing and quoting the remuneration. Here, AI software like payscale has launched their differential engine, which helps companies take up the required skill and geographic data based on the market and choose accordingly.

Automated onboarding

The onboarding process might be one of the last processes of recruitment but is yet again very complicated. But worry not since different AI-driven technologies can help ease the administrative burden regarding the onboarding process. There is certain onboarding software like Talmundo and My Ally, which offer a 24*7 onboarding facility. 

Automated internal hiring

Internal hiring is widespread nowadays in most organizations for various benefits like cost efficiency, time-saving, etc. According to oracle, 44% of HR professionals use AI to identify and filter out the best internal candidates for various posts. 

Internal mobility software like Gloat, Eightfold and others use data, analysis, and observe the pattern or natural language to help gain insights about the employees and their workings. This will help offer better recommendations and opportunities, which eventually works in favor of the company in the long run.

Automated talent search

In this technology-driven world, freelancing and the gig economy are very trendy and in demand! Some people prefer part-time freelancing instead of full-time jobs. The freelancers typically have the best skillset currently in comparison to the regular full-time job holders. These can be a boon for your company. Certain marketplaces like Fiverr, Upwork, etc., offer such freelancers a great opportunity to work for various companies. 

Now, these AI-powered talent marketplaces like Occur will help analyze the skills required and match with the best possible freelancers to fulfill the company’s requirements. AI ensures quality hiring with complete reliability and a guarantee of job satisfaction.

Final Thoughts

With this, we wrap up the top 10 best-automated software which can help you in your recruitment process. AI is the future, and therefore leveraging this massive power for remote recruitment is indeed a smart move right now. With AI, you get limitless benefits. You can easily screen, analyze and do so much more with these AI integrated software and open a wide range of possibilities for a brighter and better overall company profit and growth! Thus, it is high time that you should gear up and incorporate this software gradually and execute them in your next recruitment process!