Software Development

Application Development

Software development is a critical function at any organization. It makes it essential to have the right partner supporting your systems.

The Discus Solutions team adds value to our clients by functioning as a partner rather than a technology provider.

  •  Suggest best practices to maintain existing systems
  •  Propose the best solution for the requirement
  •  Constantly upgrade our skill sets to ensure our clients are getting the best solutions
  •  Work with a long product cycle perspective to maximize ROI from in-house solutions
  •  Integrate legacy systems with new development to reduce rework and costs
  •  Identify and fill up the technology gaps in your organization

Our partners enjoy any-time support, no commitment consultations and access to our technology experts.

Engagement Model

Discus Solutions offers multiple engagement models for software development. We pride ourselves for offering the most flexible engagement models. Our engagement models are unique in its own way - leading us up the value chain of trust and win-win partnership.

  •  Onshore/offshore
  •  Fixed cost or Time and Material (T & M)
  •  BOLT - Build, Operate, Lease, Transfer
  •  Work with a long product cycle perspective to maximize ROI from in-house solutions
  •  Turnkey deployment of our solutions
  •  Technology partnerships

You can choose an engagement model based on the cost and time considerations. The right engagement model ensures significant cost benefit to customers in terms of resources as well as infrastructure. Highly flexible & tailored engagement models substantially reduce project costs.


Our clients enjoy a close working relationship with the qualified development managers (DM) at Discus Solutions. We follow proven software development models to ensure maximum efficiency and control over projects. Clients choose between Agile, Rapid Application Development (RAD) and Prototyping or SDLC methodologies. Each project is unique and is treated such by the DMs.

Discus Solutions is a ISO 9002:2008 certified company and we take processes and documentation seriously. Each project is thoroughly documented throughout the development cycle.