Offshore Team

Client Advantage

Clients take advantage of our extensive technical expertise and proven systems to minimize staffing pain. Work with us to reduce the impact of rising attrition rates on your business.

Choose from an option of in sourcing, out-sourcing or complete off shoring of skill units.

  •  In source resources to rapidly grow and reduce in-house skill sets at short notice.
  •  Outsource work to Discus Solutions on project basis or Time and Material (T & M) basis to get quality developers at reduced cost and no running overheads.
  •  Offshore your IT team to our Managed Services Group (MSG) and get a full-service IT development powerhouse at your disposal.

Offshore Team

Manage your cost through improved efficiency with our proven offshore model..!

Sometimes it just makes business and economic sense to outsource. Discus Solutions can help you get real benefits from managed IT services. Our managed services group combines people, processes and technology so you can focus resources on your core business and value-added activities.

Leave the hard part to us − and focus on developing your idea!

We make sure that projects are being developed on time and within budget, while the quality of the final product remains paramount.

Communication is of vital important for any engagement. To ensure seamless communication, we follow the SPOC model for all our engagements.

Key Features

Key features of the MSG:

  •  Talent is recruited to suit your needs
  •  Dedicated development team
  •  Flexible team sizes
  •  Mix and match skills for our team as per current requirements
  •  Access to Discus knowledge base − resources get skilled up rapidly working alongside the best of talent

At the end of the day, we help you turn your outsourcing relationship into an efficient, profitable and important element of your business strategy.